She Is Soo Sexy

There is a woman I see in my local market here . Every time I have seen her she is wearing tights or tight jeans. She has the most delicious hips and *** I think I have ever encountered. I get so hot every time I see her I have to run home -have a fantasy about sex with her and **********.
pantylady pantylady
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Amazing! I have the same problem! There is a gal (actually a mature lady) that I often run into at the store. She is about 5'5" tall, petite and always dresses to show her curves to their best advantage. Sadly, she is married...and there are rules about that. Still, just because she is not on my diet doesn't mean I can't lust over the menu! I would love to see her in just a top and a pair of panties with a big lump in the back!
Thanks for posting, pantylady!

Damn -i cant get over this woman- i swear i see her in my dreams