Admitting Is The First Step! :)

I just want to say it again.. I am BISEXUAL!

It feels so good finally accepting it to myself!

I just wish sometimes that some of my straight friend would be more understanding of my sexuality. Especiality when they are the ones that set off my gaydar.

The great thing of being a bit more 'out' is that I really feel in tune with myself. Like the world is starting to make sense all of a sudden.

I just need to figure out to what am I more inclined.. But I do not think I will be able to stick to just one gender for the rest of my life. #biproblems

Dan13l Dan13l
18-21, M
2 Responses Feb 15, 2013

Good for you! I was in my mid-20's before I admitted (to myself and others) my bisexuality. I agree, the feeling of accepting one's self is so liberating! When you're grounded in your sense of self, the world DOES make more sense.

As for your straight friends, remember that sexuality is fluid and changeable, and the ones who seem most "hetero" now may become really (REALLY!) "homo" in the future. These things happen . . .

One of the best aspects of bisexuality is that one DOESN'T have to "stick" with one gender. Being with other men has made me more confident with women (go figure...). And, anymore, I fluctuate between sensual feelings for men or women, depending on -I dunno, mood?- and I just tell people "Not tonight, I'm wanting a guy" or whatever.

So embrace your decision! It shows courage and self-awareness! The same courage can be tapped into when times are difficult.

I'm bisexual too, but I'm still stuck in the closet, (not completely), one must see which side of this status is stronger, for example, I'm mostly homosexual. I just want to fall in love with a cute guy.