Me And My Cousin

When u was like 15, I was Really close with my cousin who was 14. We were basically best friends we would share secrets, tell each other who our crushes were, ect.

One day I was sleeping over at his house and it was like 1ish and were we're talking and he randomly asked if he could see my **** and. I said " umm sure I guess" so I pulled down my boxers and showed him. And he said " wow ur a lot bigger than me" so he showed me his and he was smaller he was like 1 1/2 mabey 2 inches uncut, and I was like 3.

This started something cause we were always talking about sex and stuff like that. So the next time we had a sleepover at my house he suggested just going completely naked for the whole night and we did. We spent the whole night fooling around, playing video games ect and slept naked too. So that summer, every time I spent the night at his house we would go skinny dipping in his pool while his parents were sleeping ( for hours). But unfortunately once I turned 16 and he turned 15 we basically stopped and we grew less and less close every year.

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1 Response Apr 29, 2013

awww.... shame it had to end, but it's nice you had those couple yeas! Did you ever actually fool around? I wasn't sure... but I hope you did!