My Very Candid Story On Bisexuality

Now I'm not poking fun of anyone but I must admit I am a bit upset at the whole "bi craze" going on. I would like to think that more women are coming out as Bi because they are truly more comfortable with themselves and the world is more open. Bu sadly, I think a lot of us know this is not true. Now me, I always knew I had a feeling for girls. Even as a Little girl I used to be so fascinated with women's breasts and I would see pictures of them in magazines and think just how beautiful they were.

I didn't really start liking guys until middle school but I always still had strong feelings for girls too. I can still remember me and my friend Niki reading things like Cosmo girl and her obsessing over guys with abs and pecs or whatever they're called and I would just nod and say yeah he's cute. But secretly I would be checking out the girl IN the picture with the guy lol. I really thought I was a lesbian but then I would see certain guys that would just make me melt. (mostly punk and goth boys) I later found out I wasn't weird, i just have different tastes in men than a lot of women seem to, iI or straight lol.

I never knew if this was something I should tell my family, since they were catholic and though they aren't very narrow minded when it comes to their own family they can be. It's one of those "it's okay for others but not MY daughter" kind of situation. And since I was raised by my grandparents it was even double nerve wracking. But one day I was talking to a guy Friend online saying how I was bi and didn't know how to tell my family and of course my grandmother HAD to come up behind me at this very moment (see parents this is why you shouldn't invade your child's privacy by sneaking up behind them and reading what they are saying. Sometimes they just have things they aren't ready to tell you it doesn't mean they are "up to something") and she literally shoved me off the chair and told me go to my room and proceeded to read the entire IM.

The next day she told me I was sick and disgusting and was just going through a phase. After arguing for a long time it was never brought up again and she presumably thinks I'm straight. Just as well I guess since I did end up falling in love with a wonderful guy, who of course she hates but oh well.I guess i can't win either way.


Just because I'm BIsexual and not HOMOsexual doesn't mean that I don't understand what it like. I know what it's like to be called sick, and disgusting, and sinful. I know what it's like to be made fun of in school by people asking me if I'm a dyke. Or telling me i;m only bisexual because I'm confused as to what I want and don't know any better. 

I was VERY lucky that the few friends I had weren't bothered by it because I know there are many people who have lost friends just for being who they are.  Of course in school I never really told anyone myself but things like this tend to get around one way or the other.

I love girls and I love guys. But I fell in love with a man. It doesn't make me any less bisexual. I'm not automatically straight because I'm dating a man just like a gay man is not automatically straight because he's married to a woman.  Bisexuals deserve to be respected just like everyone else. I'm tired of people only referring to bisexuality when talking about drunk pre-teen girls playing truth or dare.

Because Honestly, us bisexuals get more crap than anyone in my opinion, you just didn't hear about it. Because straights tell us we are confused and to "pick a side" and gays tell us we aren't like them because we still like the opposite sex. It's like an emotional yo-yo.  I think we should just all stand together as one, stand together as human beings and just love each other no matter. Gay, Straight, or Bi. Man OR Woman.  So stop being hypocrites and saying it's okay for women to be lesbian or bi but not men. Where does anyone have that right? Men can love whoever the hell they want just like women.  So stop hating and stop living in fear and just be proud of you are, today, at this very moment and know that everything will always work out in the end.


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Your decisions on your sex life sound very sensible to me. Well done for explaining it so clearly.

First let me say that I'm proud of you for knowing who you are and not being ashamed of it. I came out bisexual in the early 90's and it was hard. Personally I think that everyone has a little bi in them. It's good that more people are comfortable with the subject. When I fell in love with a man in the late 90's I lost all my gay friends. They felt that I was giving in to society. It was really sad. I wasn't gay enough for them anymore. My straight friends had a hard time with it when I got married because they were sure that I couldn't be faithful. That really hurt. Life was easier being a lesbian. LOL I never labeled myself but when I dated women everyone called me a lesbian. When I dated men everyone freaked out. Go figure. I hope things are better for the younger generation now.

when i read this i feel like you say exactly what i think and recreate it understandable to the others. amazing. definitely liked it :)

I really liked your thoughts on this very touchy subject. I am a married man and I have been with other men. I hate being placed in any sexual catagory because I feel that there are an infinite number of ways a person can be sexual. Some involve love, some are purely sexual. <br />
<br />
I got divorced around 40 and had an encounter with another man about a year later. <br />
At first I had a lot of guilt about it. Later I found myself having urges to do it again. It may sound strange but the thought of pleasing a man orally just really turns me on. I was divorced for about 4 years and had a half dozen different guys that I played around with. <br />
<br />
I met a woman and fell in love with her and we got married. She is a great wife, friend and lover. I still find myself wanting to have some M2M time but don't want to take a chance and bring home a STD of some kind. I have tried to come out to my wife about it and we talked several times about sexual fantasies during foreplay and she told me that she always wanted to have sex with a friend of hers (female). I told her that I thought it was really hot and that if she ever had the chance that she should try it. Guess how she reacted when I said that I would like to try some bisexual stuff myself? If I had to sum it up in a word it would be SHOCK!!!! She later told me that I just said that in the heat of the moment and that I did not really mean it. I didn't try to make her understand because it was very clear what she thought of the idea of two men having sex just for the fun of it.

I LOVE being bi...

Thank you for saying it so ok for men to be bisexual. It means a lot.

I can't believe after nearly 4 years this article has so many comments/views. I wrote it when I was just 18 and something..for the life of me i can't remember me so upset that I had to write something. So i apologize for any typos that i have since gone back and tried to fix. And sometimes i think i get a little "Ranty" in some places. But thank you all for the comments :-)

Is it that I am bisexual, I like to sleep with boys but My feeling is also vey good when I sleep and hug "her"-only her?

you should read about Kinsey, who did a very long study about this , he said that we all have attraction for both, but some more than others each way,,many are very fearful of their own feelings ,so they think to not be kicked out of there place in life they must show only a part of them selves,,love c b

So moving! Quoting you:<br />
<br />
"Because Honestly, us bisexuals get more crap than anyone in my opinion, you just didn't hear about it. Because straights tell us we are confused and to "pick a side" and gays tell us we aren't like them because we still like the opposite sex. It's like an wmotional yo-yo. I think we should just all stand together as one, stand together as human beings and just love each other no matter. Gay, Straight, or Bi. Man OR Woman. So stop being hypocrites and saying it's okay for women to be lesbian or bi but not men. Where does anyone have that right? Men can love whoever the hell they want just like women. So stop hating and stop living in fear and just be proud of you are, today, at this very moment and know that everything will always work out in the end."<br />
<br />
I have gay, lesbian, and bi friends (I'm straight myself, and have straight firends too, accourse), I love feet. Not hte 'regular' foot fetishist, though.<br />
I never knew 'from early in my childhood' as many seem to. I'm not into BDSM, nor other fetish. I just love women's feet... And I know how it feels to be 'loke everyone judges you'.<br />
The hardcore fetish-people, often of the BDSM scene, call me 'weak' or 'a *****', because I don't want to be humiliated or a slave or watnuts... Well, I just don't swing that way. I love to lick feet, yes, but in mutual respect. I mean, some weirdoes consider oral sex degrading or dominant, but most people do oral sex because they love it, or at least love giving that to their partner, right? I love feet and licking feet the same way, not as some power play.<br />
<br />
Then, there are the narrow minded people who actually think of feet as filthy, or of fetish as only the dominant, humiliating parts afore mentioned. Naturally, those despise me for being weird, or a submissive weakling of some sort...<br />
<br />
So I very much understand why bisexuals can feel alienated by both straight or gay 'communities', the trouble in this world is we make up 'communities', indeed. Sometimes it's good, and needed, and a sort of sanctuary, bliss to be among people who are like us, and understand us. But the downside is that it also helps people both from inside and outside the 'community' to build up barriers, to reject people just because 'they're not like them', not part 'of the same community'.<br />
<br />
Well, the only community that matters is we all are together on the same planet. Not even 'humankind' is a big enough community, just being 'all of us smell, negligible parts of the universe' is the only truth, so we should respect and love each other as equals, never judge nor despise.<br />
<br />
Thanks for your sharing, and I hope my own addition will help to broaden some minds, and to provide support to others in disarray.

Very well said. As a bisexual person I am so tired of getting told by both straights and gays to "pick one". Bi is the normal way to be. Why reject half the population?

I am glad to see people defending us bisexuals. I have gay and lesbians friends and they never had a problem with it so I guess I was lucky. But that doesn't mean to say I haven't heard of people saying "There's no such thing as me being bisexual." I mean really. I hate when people say that.<br />
<br />
I am thank you for taking a stand to defend us. Great story and very well written.

Stop hanging around Catholics! though in my experience more Catholic girls started out with bi experiences while practicing with a girlfriend for the 'future' boyfriends.<br />
<br />
Think of your sharing and getting positive-negative responses as sorting the chaff from the wheat.<br />
<br />
I am as strange as they come. But people know who I am and what I like. Then they stay or run. Either is fine with me.<br />
<br />
I end up with people who like me as I am. Quite a few young ladies very shocked to learn I am a sadist and like to teach women to love double penetration, but they stay around maybe because a friend is staying, or they just feel this attraction. After a time, they find the shock has worn off and the curiosity has grown.<br />
<br />
In my company they are encouraged to be sexual. To explore bisexuality and having multiple ******* while being double and triple penetrated. Biggest complaint is how their stomach muscles ache from the muscular contractions when orgasming. And the endorphin addiction from being whipped.<br />
<br />
I am a pleasurist. Catholics hate god, women and the sexuality created by god for us.

so true I dont think I am wierd or gay just b caus i do stuff w other girls.

At your age, experimenting with your sexuality with other girls is probably the best thing for you to do. Boys your age have BIG mouths which wouldn't be in your best interests. There is plenty of time to go before you try sex with a guy.

I hope the man you fell in love with knows about your sexuality and I hope he embraces it. i have dated a bi woman for the past 5 years and it enhanced my experience like nothing before. we are not longer seeing each other, but not because her being bi. I'll date another bi woman in a flash

anyone who lkie to meet with me biwoman or staight

way to go girl, just be who you are. in my opinion we all have a bit of bi-sexually in us the church over the years have told us how to act sexually. although they do not seem to follow their own advice.

I agree with you 100%! I listen to some of my gay and straight friends saying that "they don't believe in bisexual". It's very hard to have your friends say this to your face when you know that they know you are bi. I've been out for years and it's really annoying to still have to deal with this from straights and gays... Luckily I have a few bi friends and we've been friends for a while, so it's easy to talk to them. I just really don't understand why people have to make nasty comments about it... Homosexuals should understand more than anyone, and yet I tend to feel more isolated from them than I do from straights... It irks me...

Wow, you made so many good points in this whole story. I'm bisexual, and I agree that we get a lot of crap because people think we're "on the fence" or that we need to pick a side. I used to think that I was a lesbian, but just like you there would be this guy that I would see that I would just absolutely fall in love with. I am so happy you posted this.

It is quite understandable you might begin to think you were a lesbian at your age, but keeping an open mind while learning more of your potential sexuality is best at your age. You may find that you still want to occasionally have sex with a select few girls well into your middle twenties before you settle down and get married.

Huzzah, and thank you for posting this! I was just finding all the "related" groups, and a lot of it is strange fetish stuff... I'm not some frat party freak wanting to kiss girls because it's wild, I'm a woman married to a man that has found women attractive just as long as I've found men attractive. People think I'm trying to make a statement with it, or that I'm lying. Then there was once that I had gone through the motions of getting to know a guy and planning out a date, then he found my online profile, that said I'm bisexual. Without asking me about it, he said he could never be with one of "those" people and when I wanted to quit partying and grow up to call him. There I was, an independent cat-owning career woman who drank wine with dinner sometimes, but the fact that I was bisexual instantly meant that I was some immature little party girl. There's a lot more persecution against bisexuals than people think, and for this reason I was 23 when I finally came out to my mom... of course, she responded with a "Thank God, me too and I haven't been able to tell anyone". :)

I am bisexual, that right I said it. Thank you...

I am bisexual, that right I said it. Thank you...

sure i don't mind. :-)

I just have to say this is probably THE most well-spoken/written articles I have ever read regarding this subject. You took the words right out of my mouth. Our stories could be identicle, except my family is Mormon. My mother stil believes to ths day it's just a fad and it will pass, especially since I date predominately men. But she doesn't know the pure/raw physical attraction I feel toward women, the ********** I've engaged in oro the women I've honestly felt love toward. She'd probably roll over in her grave, AFTER it killed her. And I'm so sick and tired of not being accepted by gays or lesbians because they think we are just confused. I mean where in the hell do we fit in? It's bad enough to feel confused and alone in this world due to something you have no control over, but to be denied support by the one group of people who are supposed to support you the most is just a disgrace. Would you mind if I used your article in a posting on another site? I will give you full credit, only with your permission. I just don't think I could word it any better than you did. Thank you for having the strength and courage to confront an issue that rarely gets the notice it deserves!

This is exactly how I feel. I think that we get a lot of crap from people because we're "on both sides". I've gotten a lot of people saying that I need to choose and that it's not really possible to be bi. Whenever I went out with a girl, people would say "oh, she's a lesbian now" and when I went out with a guy they would say that I was straight now. I'm not straight, I'm not a lesbian, I'm bisexual. <br />
I don't think it's fair that we get lumped together with the party girls who make out with chicks for attention. I'm not one of those and neither is any other bisexual person I know. It's just so annoying to get asked to make out with some girl because I'm "like that anyway". Some people can be so stupid.

Yeah!!! Great speech; mean it! What I miss though is what you do with those feelings, what I now understand, correct me if I am wrong, is that you are with a guy, you have a monogamous relation and therefore bi is that much of an issue anymore. Of course you state you're still bi, why not, everybody is, but you're out of the "danger-zone". You made a choice, no problem with that at all, but you are looked upon (you can't help that on the moment) as being a monogamous woman with a man.<br />
What would happen if you really felt the need to have a girlfriend as a completion of your life next to your marriage? I don't say you do need to, it's a "what if".<br />
<br />
Let's create a new word, since we have guys, girls, transgenders etc...we won't say anymore that everybody is bisexual, really, because we love each other, we lobe human beings......<br />
<br />
So we are Everyb-i-dy !!!!! Everybidy loves Everybidy. I like tthe sound!!<br />
<br />
Take care, live a lucky life.<br />
<br />


I'm still surprised by people freaking out over same-gender sex. Understandably, it may have been an issue centuries ago when infant mortality was high and life-spans were short and all eggs and ***** were needed to keep the town prosperous. After all, humans needed to focus on multiplying and if my buddy and I were keeping our ***** out of the gene pool by mutually satisfying each other there were probably going to be a few less citizens born. What I find most interesting about all of this is the religious leaders apparently knew that a large number of people would find same-gender sex so pleasurable that it could result in something negative like being outnumbered by an rival tribe. If those who tried it would probably NOT like it than it would be a non-issue no matter what the sc<x>riptures said. And now we've got those who claim gender preference is merely a "lifestyle choice". What's funny is that they're basically implying that they'd faced a decision on the matter and decided that they'd rather not risk discovering that they prefered the same gender.

I don't have anything especially profound to say... I never came to terms with it till recently, so I didn't have to go through a lot of what you did. All I can say now is I agree with you 100%, and thank you for putting my thoughts into words as well.

Life as a heterosexual can be complicated.<br />
Life as a homosexual can also be frightening.<br />
Life as a bisexual is all that and more difficult.<br />
<br />
For one so young you seem very wise.<br />
May you live in interesting times.

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Looking back I have been bisexual since I was a very young boy. When I'd play with my cousin I would always ask if he would still like me if I was a girl - ;). At around 7 or 8 I started wearing my Mom's underware and pantyhose when no one was around. A few years later I sucked another boys **** and he sucked on mine. I liked it so much I asked to suck on him again - of course he let me. A few years later it dawned on me that I was completely BI.

For a young woman such as yourself I applaud your bravery and resolution. You are truly a gifted young woman. I am a bi-male and have long suffered the 'choose sides' rhetoric. I was married for 22+ years and have two beautiful daughters. I only came out to my former wife; but, that was not the reason for the divorce. She seemed to prefer my 'former' best friend to me. He was my first male to amle experience that lasted almost 40 years. I hate labels that society is trying to force on everyone. I prefer to say that, "i'm sexual" and leave it at that. Some wonder what that means and try to force me to tell them a label. Why can't people live by the Golden Rule and "Love one another as thyself". Kudos to you young lady! Go with whatever you enjoy and you'll find that you're happier for that in the end. God Bless!

I feel the pain you have been through as well. I was raised a Catholic as well and am still one and participating in my faith. However, when I was younger I had a couple of guys my age who we played around with. I was a year older and was able to have a climax at age 11. I thought that was the most wonderful feeling you could have. I shared it with both of these guys (age 10 and 11) and we began to have some touchy-feely experiences. I also had an uncle 4 years older than me and a female cousin a year older than me who taught me about bisexual and about female anatomy and playing with each other. I knew what pubic hair, breasts and vaginas were at the age of 12 and what sucking on a male **** and maturbation with another man at age 12. I married at age 21 and have had a wonderful marriage but it has been sexless since 1994. I have sought out both female and male sexual companionship to offset ************ - it was really getting old not having someone to cuddle, kiss and have sex with. Good luck with your life and bisexuality.

Being bi is normal. That's my premise. <br />
To deny that is silly. Most people have a tendency either way due to biology - its is a species imperative. However, once you get past the need to make other little people, and get down to the core of who you really are, there is a basic pleasure in the company of people of the same sex. <br />
<br />
As a man, it is just simpler, we are silly little creatures that have an ongoing need that if satisfied in nearly any way we are good with that. So what is the big deal. <br />
<br />
The fact that I have never found looking at a guy the total turn on that I get from looking at a woman does not mean I can't enjoy the pleasure that is possible. I personally can't rally behind the idea of snuggling next to a guy on a cold night - I prefer women, actually one woman my wife. However, that being my preference the pleasure of being with a guy to satisfy a physical need is also a choice. And she knows and gets this.<br />
The guilt placed by our society and weird comments aside, being with a guy for the animalistic release of tensions and to receive pleasure resides in all guys to some level. <br />
<br />
So explore it. Enjoy it. What's the big deal anyway.

Well put!

I agree with everything that has been written so far. For years the so called gay community would not even recognize us because we say we like both sexes. I was confused for a while now I am able to fully accept the fact that I love ***** and enjoy **** just as much.<br />
<br />

i absolutly agree with you as bi sexual male i have this negative stigam against me for some reason that is beyond me and, this idea is also that if you are bi you cannot be loyal to person you are in a relationship with which is utter nonsence and the fact that people think that female bi sexualty is accepatble while males arne't is again a stupid idea cast by the social society and the last thing that i dont understand about people is that they think because you are bi you are always thinking about sex <br />
<br />
but to ruby i have to say what you have said is amazin in the respect that it expresses what most of us feel but dont know how to say good on you

Your story is much like my own. Well said!

You are AMAZING.!!

Couldn't have said it better myself.

harsh opinions from those who have no idea or even care to understand that its not them that make the decisions of other. No one is hurting another in that manner so why worry about what others might be doing or even with whom

I personally think most people are at least somewhat bi. We just don't like to admit it, so someone who does is threatening. <br />
<br />
Good for you- stand up for who you are, what you believe in and who you love. That's the only way to truly be happy in this life. I applaud you.

Darlin, be happy with who you the world around you will be too...

I think no answere can be any better than that

You are awesome. You win. Very well written.

I think that when it comes to woman being bisexual has an air of errotism to men, but when men see males as being bisexual then there is a stigma. Now there may be woman who see men being bi as being errotic as well I don't know. I don't condem those who feel this way but I am finding it hard to accept that males have feelings that they normally hvae for females. I know it seems one sided and perhaps it is.

Whats sad is people feel that just because they aren't or feel they are and being reminded of there own ideas of wht sexualaity one should be, they tend to attack thinking that if I am against it then thatmeans I'm not. It has become more and more apparent that the idea of bisexuality is mroe accepted, those who choose to think that its evil or a phase better take a betetr look. Its so wrong for peope to attack another bcause they are either gay or bisexual, its all about aceptance and the idea we all are humans and our hearts are in one place like anyone elses.<br />
<br />
The ones I worry about in terms of the attackers are the self rightous know all and that includes right wing exstreamists that will attack, hurt or worse kill someone ebacause they think what others are doing is wrong. I am hertal and I have no issues with this and I am open minded and perhaps outspoken as well.

You should try it to see if its what you really want. It will bug you all your life unless you have the experience. Good luck.

only my bestfriends know about my being bi too. my officemates would probabyly make fun of me if they ever found out.

You have the right idea, love, being discrete with things general society frowns on and doesn't understand is the way to live.

You know it is very hard for people to understand and you write the feelings very well. I am bi and admitted it to myself and close friends for more years than I care to remember. And even now at my age people do not understand it. They are like ok you are married and you have an open relationship with your husband so that means he can date and so can you but who gets to climb into bed. Sometimes it is not about that. It is the feelings that I get from people. Some men are more sensitive and I wish they could admit that to themselves instead of being so over macho.<br />
<br />
So sorry to tell you all this it was hard trying to explain being bi in the past. It is even harder today, because you here everything from "get a grip to that is just to weird". <br />
<br />
I have slowly started telling people but I have to be very discreet due to my profession But for those that can make a verbal choice to explain our feelings and who we are. Move on and I hope that someday to be able to be in a postition that this is the last mask I drop and no longer hide behind.

Very well put I only have a few close friends who know for the same reasons. (except not Catholic.)

Too bad for dad. You be what you want. I am bi and love it. I have a girl friend who is lesbian. We love each other and I love to suck **** and be with a man once ina while. Gues what? We are happy.

My father found out I was bisexual when I was 21. VERY uncomfortable day! He was visibly upset and said if I started dating guys I'd get beaten up. He said he would never, ever tell my mother and encouraged me to do likewise.

A lot of guys in my school think girls that are lesbian or bi is okay, of course they also think gay and bi guys are sick and disgusting. All they ever said that it was okay for is so that they might get to get a glimpse on 2 girls kissing, it ****** me off, a lot.

It is too bad everybody can't respect whether we are bi, straight, or gay. It does not matter as long as you are happy I think there is a lot of jealosy about bi people because they enjoy both worlds. Horay for them.

I'm a gay guy, and I have to say that yes, there is indeed a generally negative perception of bisexuals in the gay community. There are a lot of reasons for this, I suppose...probably almost as many reasons as there are negative opinion holders. Still, I think that there are a few basic reasons, and they look like this:<br />
1.) Bisexuals can never make up their minds. No matter how serious the relationship, they're always off mooning over someone else of the other gender. <br />
2.) Unlike gays, they can blend right into the straight world when things get tough...they just change the gender they hang with and it's all good. That makes us crazy and suspicious.<br />
3.) if you do get involved with a bisexual, it isn't very long before they start talking about 'polyamory' and how they'd like to have a girlfriend as well, "And wouldn't that just be the coolest thing? We could all three of us have a baby!" ERK!<br />
4.) they're all secretly members of the Republican National Party. Ok, they really aren't but I wanted to have a fourth reason so it would sound like i really thought this thing out. <br />
<br />
While I, myself, am not overtly prejudiced against bi people, and indeed know a lot of them and treat them just like anybody else - by which I mean I tease the hell out of 'em and laugh at 'em over the bi thing just like they laugh at me over the gay thing - I have to confess that I would be reluctant to engage in a serious relationship with one of them. I suppose, if nothing else, recognition of one's quiet little prejudices is a good thing...<br />
<br />
cheers!<br />
<br />

Best of luck to you!<br />
You explained this very well.<br />
Have a wonderful day,<br />
<br />
Andreya =)

I find it quite interesting that there are so many responses to this story from girls in your age group. Please let me tell you that it is probably best to experiment with your sexuality with other girls during your teen years and be very discrete about it. Boys don't quite get that a girl can be sexual with another girl while still staying very attracted to boys. Boys your age wag their tongue's like crazy when they have any kind of sex with a girl which can lead to that girl being "labeld" as a **** when she is just simply learning about her sexuality.

I'm a married man with two children. Being bisexual it' not easy for me. I had never been with a man. I just wonder what it would be like being with another man. That's the curiosity I think I will carry for the rest of my life.

I'm a married man with two children. Being bisexual it' not easy for me. I had never been with a man. I just wonder what it would be like being with another man. That's the curiosity I think I will carry for the rest of my life.

I am a 100% hetero male and I have always wondered what it would be like to be a girl and have girl/girl sex. I find it fascinating. I have friends that are gay and I would NEVER judge them based on what they do in the bedroom. Afterall, it's no ones business anyway. So Jackofdiamonds, I think you're more normal than you give yourself credit. We are ALL people first we need to love each other for the good in us, not our sexual preferences. I love all of you!!

I tend to stare at everybody, most mostly women figures because they have more of a story to tell. I don't consider myself 'bisexual' or 'homosexual' because of this; I am a very detailed person, containing an 'artistic vision' if you will, and I tend to study people's shapes and such.<br />
<br />
I honestly, especially right now, think women are much more respectable, since most men (and less women) I have met tend to be insensitive and will say things they don't mean. Of course this can be just a people thing. But either way, if I were to ever be bisexual, it wouldn't be because of physical reasons, but tendency of personality and ways. <br />
All outer beauty fades with time.

Hey cityofechoes,<br />
<br />
I really appreciate your comment. It is so damn TRUE. And it applies to all areas of life.<br />
<br />
"Most people talk about what they don't understand and always seem to get it wrong."<br />
Well said!

i dont think im bi but i can relate to the magazene part.

Perhaps you just haven't been in the right circumstance with another girl, yet. My advice to all in your age group is to learn and develop your sexuality with other girls because boys tend to run their mouths about sex of any kind with a girl which can lead to a bad reputation.

I think I may be bisexual after all. I was molested as a minor, and I always rejected the idea that I was bi-sexual because I felt like the guys who got to me would have won. And maybe I would not have had thought about sex with dicks if not for that experience. But now I think maybe I am bi. I am a bit odd though; I don't like the idea of having a boyfriend, only sex with a ****. And it is easiest for me to think about it if I imagine myself cross-dressed. <br />
Here is another strange thing about me; I find myself wishing I were a girl sometimes so I could know what girl-girl sex is like. That seems like it must be fantastic. I can't tell you why I think that. I also think that I would like to know what sex with a guy is like as a girl, I mean a real girl, not cross-dressed. <br />
I am a bit odd in other ways; I tested into the top 1% on an IQ test. I am not bragging; the reason I am here is that it is anonymous. I don't usually tell anyone about the IQ bit. Well, not about the sex stuff either. lol

That was really awesome :O)

That was really awesome :O)

i think ur absolutely right just stand together, love one another as human beings

Well she is obviously very confused. Bisexuality isn't just a "perk" for women who get bored of penis and suddenly decide they want a vagina. Is she truly bisexual or is she just experimenting? I just don't understand how a true bisexual could condemn another bisexual because they are a different gender. If we can't support each other who else can we turn to?

Right on! As a Bi male it is very frustrating dealing with gays. A very good friend of mine is gay. Last weekend her girlfriend was here visiting. The subject of male-male sex came up. I hesitated at first but told her about my first time with a guy (neither her nor my friend know I am Bi). She very quickly condemned me and what I did. rest of the evening she would make snide remarks about it. Tottally ignorant that she too is Bi that it is no different when she has sex with a guy during the day and her girlfriend at night. Double standards at its best!<br />
The whole idea of Bi males is an issue with her. Guys cant go both ways only girls can do it As she put it, it is more erotic more socially accepted and is more appealing than watching two hairy guys.

definitely! i have very few friends and all of them support me (well that know about it anyways). every day i get called either a freak, a ***, or a dyke because iIm bi. i think it's a bunch of ****!

Just ignore the ignorant people that don't know enough about it to have an intelligent opinion. I would advise you tone down being overt about it though. As you go into college, you have the opportunity to be away from the people that are critical of you now, so learn to be discrete about your sexuality and continue to explore women now and men later.

ther's nothing wrong in being bi-sexual....<br />
u r right at ur point and nice story!

Very well written and stated. I do think as decent humans we should stop trying to label others so that we can exclude them. We all have the same basic need, to be loved by someone. It really shouldn't matter if it is a person of the same or different sex. It is the partner they choose to go through life with. I wish you well my friend.

Wow! I love this story and it's right on target in my opinion. I've been thinking about the same things a lot lately. Truth is, we are all human first and we all want to love and be loved. We should embrace that because it's something we all share. I'm bi myself and I agree that bis do get a lot of crap from both sides and I want to stand up to it too

Ruby, I'm transgender and I get a lot of crap tossed at me also. It bothers me when bisexuals are called confused and gays give them a hard because they like the opposite sex. <br />
<br />
I encourage you to be who you are. You sound like you're pretty together as a person. Personally, I believe it's beautiful that you are attracted to both genders. <br />
<br />

im bisexual, and most people know i am and most havn't had a problem with it. some people who do dont think i really am bi just because i havnt had any real relationships with girls; but that doesnt mean i dont want to! im equally attracted to guys and girls and just coz i havnt found a girl yet doesnt mean im any less bi :) its just how i feel.

Kudos to you! I never believed the whole line about Bi being a rest stop on the way to homosexuality. Being bisexual is a destination unto itself, but it's the journey that matters.

Bravo! =) This is what I like to hear, someone standing up for the bisexuals because frankly - there is alot of crap going on with them... I think it only gets worse because what you were saying about alot of girls now doing it for fun - they think it's a great way to get a guy most likely. At least I found someone with the words I been meaning to say lol. =P

I'm scared to tell anyone ESPECIALLY my parents since they're Filipino Catholics as well. I just hope one day I can muster the courage to do so.

Yeah, I'm tired of people trying to convince me that I'm not really bi, just straight with lesbian tendencies. I've had good relationships with girls and they ended because of problems unrelated to sexuality. Most people talk about what they don't understand and always seem to get it wrong.

Right on Darkwave, I agree wholeheartedly. I have gotten the your just confused, and the if you think you're Bi, you're really gay sh*t from friends of both sides. If there really is a side... I think every one has the option to discover who they truly are and live life without repercussions. I hope you are having a great time on your trip, it sounds like it so far. Thanks for posting and sharing.<br />
<br />
Kane =}

Wow. That was great :)

wow!<br />

Well said.