Best of Both Worlds.

I actual meet my current partner through my ex-girlfriend. The one major difference I have noticed from dating both sexes is the only former partners I still speak to are all females. I am yet to have a particularly nasty break-up with a female.
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hey guys if you wouldnt mind reading my newest story and giving some feedback, thanks!! :)

I think it is because of how we understand eachother so much more. I am bisexual too and i wish i could come out to more people. Only my true friends know i am bisexual and i guess all you on here. Anyone else have this issue. I am 18 and i am a preachers kid so i guess this is highly against the bible so i cant even tell my mom. plus she judges bisexuals and that really hurts. Why cant i be loved for me. Instead i have to hide how i really am.

I think there is a big rainbow continuum of worlds, not just two.

Me too.