Being Bisexual: Our Struggles

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to write this because I feel that there are many stereotypes regarding bisexual people. The stereotypes that I hate the most are the ones that claim "they don't know what they want", "they're confused", "it's a phase, they'll figure it out eventually", "they're just greedy", "they can't be trusted", "they spread diseases", etc. I want to put it out there that there are people like myself who are capable of being attracted to individuals (men and women) and who are very aware of what they find attractive and who are responsible and loving partners to their significant others. Everyone isn't the same, so with that being said people may express their sexuality differently than someone else's. While there may be a bisexual person who sleeps around, there's also some bisexual person that is in a committed relationship. The same goes for straight and gay/lesbian people. As for the stereotype that claims bisexuals "spread diseases" the argument must be made that sexual orientations do not spread diseases, but irresponsible sexual habits do. It doesn't matter if you are homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual, if you don't practice safe sex you run the chance of acquiring or spreading diseases. One of the ways to end (or at least reduce the occurrence of discrimination/stereotyping) is to TRY not to make "blanket statements" towards an entire demographic, because there will always be somebody who doesn't fit what you might think is the mold. Thanks for reading!
itswhatever95 itswhatever95
22-25, T
Nov 29, 2013