Maybe I Am

I have always wondered if I am, technically I have had sex with two other males but I am not sure if I am Bi or not. This is not something that is tearing my soul out, I have nothing against Bi's or Gays, I guess the question is just a technicality, either way the sex was pretty hot so I am not complaining

The first time was an accident, I had this girlfriend who was totally hot, she was a tall thin black women with one of the hottest bodies I had ever seen. She was great at oral but would not go any further, when I pushed the issue "she" admitted that she was really a guy. I spent the rest of the night putting it to her as hard as I could, it WAS great. Afterwards I was too embarrassed to call "her" back. I actually feel more guilty about treating someone who cared for me badly than having sex with a man.

The first time I had sex with a man who I knew was a man reads more like an action novel or a romance rag more than a **** story. I was working as a salesman, my industry called on me to make call in the worst areas of the city in the middle of the night. I had finished a call and had pulled off onto a side street to finish paperwork when I saw it. It was a group of bout six males assaulting a female, I grabbed the AR-15 (military styled rifle) I carried in my car and in my scariest ex marine voice ordered them to scatter, they left immediately.

I scooped the girl off the ground and through her in my car, telling her we had better leave before they returned. I sped out of the area. After we left the danger zone we calmed down and I noticed that the girl was a man. That man was dressed in hot pink spandex short shorts, hip boots and a halter top. Turns out "she" was being assaulted by a group of homosexuals who believed that he was desecrating the gay lifestyle, homophobic gays if you will.

Trung was a gay man who was out there, he owned a his own salon and could dress and act as he felt. I struck up a friendship with him and had him cut my hair for almost a year. When I went to him I was always surprised at his dress, always skimpy and always flamboyant, yet we became the best of friends. I alawys found it more amusing than entertaining.

One day I walked in to get a haircut, he was dressed in full drag, a short little black mini skirt and I have to say he looked good, I have a weakness for Asian girls and he fit the bill. I was also taken by his sense of confidence, as a man he was shy, as a girl he ruled the planet. I did not make a move but I could not keep from stroking his hair and generally petting him. When the haircut was finished he put up the closed sign. After that every type of sex possible we went to his place and went at it a few more times. The next morning I was prepared with a speech about how all the sex was an extension of our friendship, the problem was  could not keep from caressing while I gave it. We continued our relationship for a year, it only ended when he got an opportunity to do hair in Hollywood, which was a big deal for him.

I enjoyed it, I have never been attracted to another man since him, still do not know if I am Bi but I enjoyed the ride.



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I was recently asked if I was bi and I replied that I was not sure because I love women and the only guys I find a turn on is other cd's tv's etc. Thus I consider myself a lesbian even though that is kinda clichish. Honestly as a somewhat passable cd I do wish I was at least bi. She was a lesbian and said I respect your honesty in your reply but you are not Bi if men do not excite you. So I said Okay so what am I? She said have you ever heard of the term Naisexual? I said no.... And she said thats what you are. She explained it but when I got home I goggled it and saw what it is and yes that is me. The Urban dictionary defines it like this "Someone who is attracted to things/people that are feminine, or have some feminine qualities. The attraction is usually sexual and/or emotional."

I don't think you are bisexual per se. In both cases the "guy" appeared as a convincing woman. The difference in the plumbing is actually secondary to outward appearance. If they had been dressed as males, it would be different.

I could be interested in a guy like that, I think... I've always liked fem guys.

I think you might be attracted to transsexuals, not men. I'm sure there is a subsexual category for this.

Do you like sex with men? = yes.<br />
<br />
Do you like sex with women? = yes.<br />
<br />
Then I hate to say you are BI, shock horror

wrekles - I suppose that's possible for you, but it's not ok to project those feelings on other people. Own the situation: "I don't care about love or relationships or whatever..." But there are lots of Bi folks who do care about love and relationships, and are not in it just for a good ****. Being the kind of person who can fall in love with either a man or a woman is not an easy thing... it can create lots of problems. I don't envy anyone in that situation.


but remember,its God`s business...have fun!

your right

Spicy you just nailed it. Love that

Who me!

Who me!

you are BI as well bro.

I love making love to male and female!

I would say nt bi but gay . any bi i know is not interrested in say a man dressed like women . transsexuals are not bisexuals

I can't say if you're bi or not, but I will say that when women have sex w/their own kind they are never labled "GAY/BI", they're simply "exploring" their sexuality. That's what it seems that you were doing. There's nothing wrong with that, either since you both were consenting adults. Let go of the silly labels and accept that you are a sexual person who went exploring. If you do find out more, well, accept it, embrace it, and move on. Otherwise, simply cherish the nasty (in a good way!) memory.

I reckon you are very, very bi - but don't worry, it sounds like you've been having a great time.