My First Same Sex Love

It was in the fall of 1994 in Oklahoma City it was not my first same sex exsperence but my first same sex love. Mark and I hung out after every day after work. we both like women and argue over a few. but one afternoon we was bar hoping one ***** bar after another. was also drinking rum in my car so we was loaded than he told me he liked guys. and I told him I did too. so he ask me did I wanted to have sex I said yes than we went back to my apartment I got naked than droped his pants we played with each other but from the drinking I could not get an erection so we had to stop. when I took him home which was in a bad neighborhood he tried to kiss me. I wouldn't let him. after that he told me he loved me. I loved him too but I'm from the south I was taught it was sick. so I panic and ran from him since than I been in love with both women and men. but I only tell other bisexuals

dino1968 dino1968
Feb 15, 2009