Bi And Looking In Durham England. Read another guys story on here and i feel the same way. I never look at a guy and think "I want to suck his ****" or"I would love to **** him. That is not what I'm about. I am looking for regular guys married Bi guys like me that keep their BI desires hidden from their wife and Family.
Guys who are looking for like minded guys for Discrete safe pleasure. I don't care about your height,weight,age (as long as you are over 21) **** size or any other labels. All I am looking for is an open mind and a desire for mutual pleasure. I am neither a "Top" or a "Bottom". if you are interested and live around me let me know.
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I understand what you're saying, because I'm similar. If I see a man who's my type, I don't think in terms of raw sexual activity either. It's not necessary. I think about how it would be enough to sit next to him and enjoy a great conversation. To lean in and cuddle/snuggle with him a bit.

Perhaps the most I would ever do with a guy I really liked is sit on the couch with him, with both of us in our undies (hopefully he'd be a briefs-wearer like me), and have a mutual m*sturb*tion session. That's all I would care about or want from another guy. Oral or anal with a man, even one I liked, just doesn't interest me.

Best of luck. Discretion so vital but gets in the way all the time