My Almost Bi Experiences & Times I Did

When I was in Junior High, I had a few opportunities for bisexual fun, but because I was too shy, I missed out.

The first one happened when my friends and I were "camping out" in their father's station wagon which was parked in the back yard.  I think it needed work done or something and wasn't running.  So we covered the windows and made it into our "cabin".

My friend Keith, who was a year younger than I, had fallen asleep, so it was just me and his younger brother Bruce.  We were playing a card game called "***** War", and I was winning.  He caught me off guard when he asked if I wanted a blow job.  "If you want me to, I will." he kept telling me.  I was afraid his brother would wake up and catch us, so I said no.  After a few more hands of cards, I lost, and he wanted me to blow him.  I had never done such a thing and suggested we put chocolate frosting on his **** first! LOL!

Another time, Bruce was upstairs with me in my bedroom, and he put his arm around me.  I did the same, which made him smile, and then we got undressed and into my bed.  All we did was look and touch, but I wish I had been more aggressive.

They ended up moving to another town, and a few years later, I saw him after he entered puberty.  While in his bedroom, he pulled out his **** and asked me if it had grown bigger.  I just said yes, it did.  Looking back, I see that was another opportunity I missed.  He was very cute too!

There was another time I was with Bruce and another friend, Paul.  We were out in the woods when Paul put his hand into my right pocket and said "You have something for me in there?"  I just pulled his hand out, mainly because my **** was down the left side of my pant leg.  I later learned that Paul was into sucking *****....and he was quite the handsome boy!  Another missed opportunity!

I had this other friend Brad, and we used to kiss but didn't have sex.  (See my story "I Almost Did A Long Time Ago").  One night Keith and I were sleeping over at Brad's, and as we usually did, Brad and I gave each other "back rubs" which was really light touching of the back.  The touching would eventually move to the front.  The times we used to do this was before Brad was in puberty.  This time was different.  While touching him, I noticed a lot of pre-*** on his ****, and he had not experienced his first ******.  Unfortunately, Keith was there, though asleep, but I was afraid he'd wake up if we did anything sexual.  Another missed opportunity!

When I was 15, my best friend Manny, who was 10, was sleeping over.  We slept in the same bed and in the middle of the night, I was getting very horny!  So I reached down inside his pyjama bottom and began fondling his little ****, while holding his hand with my other hand.  After I stopped, I felt him squeeze my hand, turn over and put his arm over my chest.  Stupid me thought he was just moving in his sleep and didn't do anything!  He was so cute too!

Funny thing is, I started stealing his underwear long before I got into panties!  On Sundays, while he and his family were at church, I'd go in through the cellar door and grab a pair of his worn underpants.  What can I say?  I was crazy about him back then!

About 3 years later, we both had our first high together, having smoked 6 bowls of cannabis in a water pipe.  (See my story - My First High.)  I probably could've had him that night but was too shy to try.

About a year later, my family moved to the other side of town.  Manny came to visit me one day and I still have the picture of him on my bed.  If I had known what I know now, we would've had some fun that day, but nothing happened.

Several years later, I had a dream that Manny & I were having oral sex together.  Shortly afterwards, it came true!  I was over his house one day when his parents were away.  Not sure how it started, but at one point we were giving each other massages.  When I was doing his back, my hands just couldn't move away from his nice tight butt, and then he turned around, unzipped my pants, and started sucking me!  I immediately returned the favor, and thoroughly enjoyed it!  When he started to ***, he pulled out, but I tried to stop him because I wanted him to *** in my mouth.  Got some, but most went all over the bed.

Years later, he came over my house and we had more oral sex.  This time he came in my mouth and I swallowed it!  It was the first and only time I had ever done that, but I loved him. He made a reference to that time he slept over when he was 10 and said he was none the worse for sex.

When he was young and had no beard, he looked just like Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin.  When he was a teenager, he was incredibly handsome, which made me want him even more.  But I was too shy to act on my feelings.  Now, he looks like Gerry Garcia, which is somewhat annoying.  I keep telling him he'd look so much younger if he shaved the beard, but he wouldn't.

It's been about 10 years since I last saw him, but many nights I think about what could have been, as well as the times we did have fun.  I never kissed him, but if he ever shaves his beard, I'm sure I will.  Maybe one of these days I'll call his mother and get his phone number.  He changed it years ago.  Maybe soon I'll call him.

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Thanks for the support, jp!

I hope so..... The last opportunity I had was nearly 10 years ago. I'll write a new story about that one.

Thanks for sharing the experience.Missed a lot of opportunities.Dosent matter,the opportunities come again and again.

Wow....quite a lot of missed opportunities, but you will get that one opportunity and you'll take it--no pun intended. lol