Only Sometimes.

I date/ **** Men for the most part... I wont lie.. I really do like **** better, but theres something sooo sexy and sensual about being with another woman,

A couple of years ago, I met this Punk girl... Stitches... She was a lesbian.. didnt like men at all.. We started out as just stoner buddies but soon moved onto more.. I like it because it was sooo wrong lol. We would get hammered and play with eachother all night... Or do some MMDA and fuckk. I never went down on her but I did play with her... She, on the other hand was THE BEST face I have ever had, to this day... Better than any man... And she used to spend hours down there.. Id have like 8 or 9 ******* in one sitting.. that girl knew how to use her mouth!! We kinda dated for about 5 or 6 months but it didnt go past that. we only fooled around after we broke up.. But I miss that lady!..

I've made out with alot of girls before, nothing too special..

then a little while ago I met this girl.. and right off the bat she told me that she wanted to lick my *****!! like seriously within the first 10 minutes of meeting her.. I was dating a  guy at that time, But one night when he went to work, she came over..

she had 3 tounge rings!!! OHH MYY LORRD was it ever amazing... I pulled out my sex toys and we drank wine and played/****** around all night.. I didnt want her to leave!! I loove a woman's figure.. and breats/ ***** is soooo sexy! Women are alot nicer to look at then men and I dont mind having these random sexual expeirences with sexy girls..

Took2MuchMan Took2MuchMan
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1 Response Mar 10, 2009

You said it! Women are better to look at than men. If I was a woman, I'd be a lesbian! ;-p