First Real Time

okay well i was 14 at the time and back then i went down to visit my dad down in mississippi and one summer i went down there and he had recently moved into a new house in pearl well the first couple weeks were okay i would go to work with my dad sometimes or just stay home and watch tv and chill with the dogs and sometimes i would see our neighbors daughter outside coming home from school or just talking on the phone in their drivway and then forth of july comes and she just pops over to my dads house and invites me to her families fourth of july party and after that we pretty much hung out all day and stayed the nigh at each others houses and for a couple of weeks it was cool i actually had someone to hang out with other then my 50 year old dad but one night when she stayed the night at my dads house something happened we were sitting on the couch and i dont even remember how it started but she ended up starting to finger me and omg it felt so good......dont get me wrong i knew that i like girls before then but i never knew how much i would actually enjoy the gentle touch of a girls hang when she rubs my **** or the soft smooth texture of her tounge licking my ***** and that wasnt the only night that it happened there was one other night when we did it in my bed at my dads house and i didnt have an ******* but it felt wonderful i was in pleasure heaven and another thing is, is that it was both of our first time doing anything like that, but i went home after summer started and i called her a couple times after that then when i went back to my dads the nest summer we probably talked like 3 times when i was down there and two of them were on the phone

lostinlife18 lostinlife18
18-21, F
Mar 12, 2009