We Need to Encourage the Boys!

I feel very lucky that because I am a woman, my bisexuality is seen as a plus by most of my prospective male partners. To my knowledge, I've never had a guy decide not to **** me because I'm bixexual. 

Most hetero women do not accept bisexual men in the same way that hetero men accept - fantasize about - bisexual women.

Simply put, guys of all ages should be encouraged to imagine & to experience having another penis pulse through an ****** while in their hand - mouth- bum.  Guys are so great at casual sex w/ women - why can't they learn to casually jack off or suck off each other w/out feeling as though the occassional ****-to-**** experience might turn them off ***** forever? 

There is nothing wrong w/ enjoying sexual contact w/ someone who has the same body parts as you!  You can learn a lot that makes your own pleasure & your hetero sex partners pleasure greater.  And its fun.

Yes, I am aware of the STD/AIDs issue but safe sex is an issue for all of us regardless of orientation. 



SallyForth SallyForth
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7 Responses Mar 14, 2009

You are so right. Society is still too ignorant to the bi-sexual bliss

So true

Well put, and I agree

Thanks for the encouragement - I am finding a **** soon!

I have got the exp about this.I do not know why but I cannot bring to touch the c*** of other man.But can enjoy other touching me,sucking or blowing or taking my co** inhis a**.

Yes...I've had mixed reactions from the girls I've been with. Some have been very supportive, but others have gone in the completely opposite direction...

this one learned how to appreciate the male body...by watching gay ****...<br />
<br />
gay **** is much more sensual then str8 **** imho