Mature Bi Experience


i live in the mid east iand in my appartment building we have a married couple that are employed as janitor and his wife cleans the cars or helps out with the washing. Both are in the sixties. both dress conservatively with djelabia and scarf, but both were obviously a good looking couple in their day and still some of that remains. He is tall , broad shouldered and a body that obviously has done lots of manual work. she still has nice figure, and nice big breasts. when i fist moved in , i noticed that when she washes the car, her clothes got wet and i could see sometimes her big nipples. That really turned me on, but what surprised me is that i ended having a quicky sex with the husband and not her. my toilet flush  broke and he called round to fix it, as  he was working i came in with some cold drink and as i gave it to him our hands rubbed together, and he smilled. He then start playing with his crotch as arabs do, i looked down and took him up on his offer and I  pulled his pants down to expose his hard ****. I took out my **** and we gave it each other a **** as i kept saying i wanted to **** his wife, he understood and said he want to **** wife too. Before you know it we both ***. Then slight embarresement a smile and he finished off. I still want to **** them both

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5 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Wish I had watched , if your ever in England love you to do my wife then I would clean your ****

Did he have a big ****??

Wish that would happen to me.

It must have been an extraordinary experience... especially if the guy looked very straight. I hope get that lucky.

i really like it but some of your words don't make sens so you should edit it but im sorry to say that