Being Bi-sexual

  I have been into girls since I was about 10-11 Years of age.. Actually my 1st experience was  the age of 11, I would have to say it was my introduction to Emotional and Sexual Relationship,,,  It lasted for 3 Years, then life took me on to a new journey, Which contains Boys,  I dated but always never really felt completed, So I flirted and entertain the ideal of having a Female in my life , I secretly dated  women and had my Heterosexual life ,, Once again life took me again on another journey which contains marriage, I continue to secretly date women and be a loving wife, On this journey I had experience once again Secretly cheating on my spouse with another men, Looking for that feeling that I had when I was with a women,I guess I was thinking maybe it was him, Not being able to complete me, He never knew anything about it , But it didnt complete me but I enjoy the attention and at times enjoy the sex not often but Shrug sometimes, But  even that to was missing something, Well once again life took me on another path, that marriage ended, so I was able to do what I enjoyed for a while the women I was dating was Bi as well.. 

 Some think  if you are bi that you are doing 3somes , Not So at least not in my case,, ANY  female that I am having a Loving relationship with DO NOT  want to be in a 3some. 

Plus !!!  I am not into sharing my Woman


not at the same time


Back to my story

Then life turned around for me due to growing and knowing I wanted kids, So I started dating a man that was fully aware of my Sexual  needs and wants.  I have never been one to sleep around  with  anyone each and every journey was a relationship (long term,)...  I dont hide who I am but I dont wear poms poms and do a cheer saying look at me I adore women.

I am very respectful , I have learned over the last couple of years  how to them both separate..


What I will say if life puts me on another path and I was not in this life-style  that I am in today, I would live my life full-time  with a woman.. Some think being Bi is a choice I say maybe to some but as for me  life took me on a path that I was not ready to make a choice it was made for me  for birth,( loving Women), And I made that decision  to live it in the manner that I do.  I have kids now and I am happy now  Because I get to be  who I am with out people judging me , I learn over the years I can be me with a spouse and a lover(Female)

 I dont see me not having a Woman in my life ..   and until death changes  I will be bi sexual..

I have to choose my kids Peace of mind, and their well being ,, They come 1st!!  So I am bi-Sexual if an label has to be place upon me..

Anyway I am who I am , I dont judge others so dont judge me!

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Yep :)<br />
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Good for you for staying true to yourself. That's awesome :D

Dimples, Its not for everybody, I will say I have never been back up against a wall though, But I have did the deed behind others back( meaning) be in a sideline Relationship with a Woman, I have learned that its less stressful if you let people or a person Male or Female know from the jump street, I firmly believe in giving a person that much respect and letting them make that choice to deal or not to deal.<br />
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Thanks Queen of Dimples

nightcolours, Thank you, Until death creeps on my door in remove my spouse I will consider myself bi-sexual,, I will never force my kids to be apart of anything that is out of their Norm, especially with them being so Young.<br />
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Thanks again for reading ,, I will always be me, But I will never force my life-style on any one your friends Respects you..<br />
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Oh ( If you do it more then once )) Smiling you are Bi..<br />
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Adaimantes You can't be a cheater if your mate knows !<br />
Life your life its yours to live, Just be honest with your partner give them that choice to be apart of this life-style, We ole it to them.. Be true to you and to them!

I've enjoyed reading your story. I remember being backed into a corner. I was given an ultimatum either "this or me". I'm glad you stay true to who you are, embrace it and are enjoying it.

Keep this going strong, girl! No matter what anyone says, you will still be bi, and be proud of it. I'm not personally bisexual myself, but I've had experiences, and most of my friends are bi. They are so much fun! I mean, they don't try to pressure me into hooking up with them or anything. <br />
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It's nice to see that you have your kids as your #1 priority :)<br />
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Good job for proclaiming this as who you are :) I enjoyed reading this.