I've Only Ever Told 3 Other People

I am bisexual. I realized I was when I was 14. I've only been with 2 women tho. I'm more intimidated by women. I was going to tell my family about it until I had a conversation with them and they all agreed that gays, les's, and bi's are all going to hell and they didn't like them. So, I don't think I will ever tell them.

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Oh hate is so dumb, really its just dumb<br />
I like the statement that the only Judge that really matters is God, your parents will not stand at your trial nor face the tribulations set upon your journey in life. <br />
Its hard to listen to your gut, and derive an answer as to whether you should tell or not tell. <br />
Just remember when telling information like this to parents in this day in age, its rare that they separate from you; however, the religious aspect is always a wild card. If you are planning to tell your parents, I'd recommend bringing along a supportive non-literal religious practitioner of the faith. Or simply a friend.

Dont rush it! Years ago a woman came up to me and ask me to I believe in gay Dar's I was like WHAT? <br />
<br />
Trust when I say if you want to explore someone will find you... Be you but you dont have to push your life style or wants down family members face. But be you..

It is no one else's business who you love. Be yourself, hook up with whomever you wish to hook up with. You may find, in time, that once you truly fall in love, you will stop caring what your family thinks. Good luck, sister.

Just remember someones beliefs is also just their opinion. Only God can pass judgment that actively effects the soul. Never be afraid to be yourself. Your sexual preference is your own personal affair anyway. We don't usually advertise when we've had sex so there is really no need to detail a judgmental listener with what gender the experience was with anyway. If ya wanna kiss a chick tell kiss er and tell whoever to be polite and stop staring.

i am right here with you. my parents would be excepting of who i am... but my in-laws wouldnt. i have only told one person IRL. my husband... he is only one that understands me and gets me.<br />
<br />
i have only kissed a woman... but wanted more. i know that there are woman out there like me but i am afraid to go up to them or make the "first move" so to speak.