Too Young to Know I Was Bi

I remember when I was an itty bitty, about 6 years old, and my cousin and I had oral sex. I have no idea where we learned it, or why we started doing it, but there it was. (yeah, prob some hidden abuse there somewhere...) Then, when I was eight, a girl from down the street kissed me on the lips when she found out I was having to move. Yup, enjoyed it! At those ages, I didn't know what "Bi-sexual" was. I just knew I liked what happened with girls.

I was moved to a very small folk who laughed about guys "doing" a sheep, but would spit when they even said the word *** or *****. So, needless to say, my experiences were all about boys as I was growing up. I used to think about girls, but knew I'd better keep that information to myself!

It wasn't till I was 23 that I was finally able to have my first adult, "informed" (lol) bi sex with another woman. That relationship lasted for several months, until she got married and moved away. Then I got married, and have been fortunate enough to have a husband that supports my needs in that area. Maybe because it's easier for him to let her take care of certain needs so he won't have to? I dunno, but it works for me!

Well, that's my story, and I'm stickin to it!

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No, I don't share either my husband, or my woman! LOL He has his lover, and I have mine. My lover is turned on by a whisper and a kiss, his is turned on by a mouse.

Thanks for sharing it. I just recalled my gay lover from when we were 5 years old. Pretty much the same story. <br />
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Do you have 3 somes with her and your husband?