I Just Figured It Out One Day.

 I had never really thought about being homosexual or people that were homosexual. Sure, I knew what it meant, but never having known anyone who was homosexual kept the concept at a distance. It wasn't until my freshman year of high school when a good friend came out to me as homosexual did the topic become real. I knew in the instant he told me that I had no problem with it, but it really got me to thinking. Over the summer, I thought about it and how it didn't bother me at all when so many others thought it wrong. I started thinking of my own dating life and realized that it didn't matter at all to me if I dated a guy or a girl. When school started up again, I talked to the friend who had come out to me and he suggested that I might be bisexual.

I kept it in my mind for the rest of the year until summer break came along, and I began getting close to a girl I had met that year. We hung out all summer before she had to move. One night, we were hugging, sad at the fact that she would be leaving soon and we just kissed. We ended up entering a relationship about a year after she moved. But that kiss is what made me realize that I am indeed bisexual.


Wow. My story sounded really lame. xD

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Your story isn't lame at all.