Love.. With a Soft Touch

I often pretend my lovers are women. I have had women many times as well. I watch movies about it i am in love with being with women.  But i want a man as well.  Maybe im a nimpho???
furiousangel furiousangel
26-30, F
8 Responses Feb 5, 2007

a nympho is when you are addicted to sex and constantly desire to have sex, i think youre just bisexual

its called bisexual sweety and im the same way. sometimes girls are just wow. :) if god didnt make the same sex so damn attractive we wouldnt be bi right ;) best of both worlds

Just be you sweetie!

What is important is that u feel like having sex... so u r completely normal but bi sexual... dont be shy of even sexing with an older man or women also.. enjoy it...

try falling in love with a person- man or woman.. rather than the gender.. try not to restrict yourself too early in the game.

your great just the wau u are

You Know that the bodies of both sexes are beautiful and that the pleasures of each one is unique

Sounds like your bi_sexual. I don't think too many guys would ob<x>ject to calling another women into play. So maybe you can have both, lol.