My First Time Bi

I am a member of I had a 3some with my wife group and wrote a story over there about our first 3some. This story came about a year later as an extension of our swinging. My wife and I had been having different men join us for about a year now. Up to this point it had always been so I could watch and her have 2 men at a time.I had had some thoughts of playing with another guy but had never expressed them to my wife. She once had ****** me with her small ***** but we hadn't discussed bisexuality. I knew she would not eat any ***** so the matter was not talked about.In making the arrangements for one of our hotel meetings my wife spoke to our new friend when I was not in the room and the trap was set.On the drive to the hotel I said I was surprised she had chosen this particular man as usually she picked a bigger ****.She said she was attracted to his voice and manner and I thought no more about it.When we arrived at the hotel he met us in the lobby and we went straight to our room. We poured a drink and made small talk. My wife started by sitting between us and began rubbing our *****.We all began undressing,as we lay back my wife still between us she whispered in my ear tonight was going to be special.With that she took my hand and put it on his ****,I looked at her and she smiled and said "go ahead I know you want to".When I hesitated she took his hand and put it on me.Whispering "do it baby it makes me hot"I began to jack our friend.He was also stroking me and it felt good he turned and took my **** in his mouth. My wife moaned and said "you too honey".I turned to get a look at his **** and opened my mouth and down I went. From the first it seemed natural I got all  6" of him right away.My wife was busily ramming a ***** in and out of her ***** and crying suck him suck him.Not wanting to *** yet we both relaxed and lay stroking each other.My wife having *** all over her dido had our friend and me clean her juices off it and she wanted to **** him.She sucked his **** then got on him and rode his **** until the unmistakable sounds of his ******* began.She quickly got off him and put my face in front of his **** and I had my first taste of ***.I had not *** yet so I rolled my wife on her back and began to **** her.Our fiend stuck his finger in my ******* and finger ****** me.When I shot my load he immediately began eating my wife's *** filled *****.After a rest we began to get horny again and my wife said ther's more to be done yet.She began rubbing my ******* with lube and was licking and sucking both *****. When his **** was nice and hard she rolled me over and guided his ***** into my slick ***.OOOhhh did it feel good, he was riding in and out slowly and my wife had both hands on her ***** ************ wildly.He began to tense up and I could feel his *** building, with a big push he let loose deep in my rectum.AAAhh so good. We all lay in a big pile my **** still throbbing.I pushed my wife's face down to blow me and he joined her. Oh god two mouths on my ****. He moved off and put me on my side and began to eat my *** while my wife blew me.So many sensations. As I began to *** my wife did not swallow but held my ***** in her mouth. She then kissed our friend and they shared my ****.  Since this first time I have enjoyed sex with both men and women and no longer repress my urges.


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Nice story, made me hard. That would be a dream come true for me. I never had a chance to try it.

Fantastic story man, I kept getting harder and harder as I read. Nice job...<br />
<br />
Kane =}