I Had Sex With Her Husband And She Watched

Being bi now for some years I have had several different kinds of experiences but this one was far from anything I had done before.I was in a bi chat room one day when I got a message from a couple who lived nearby.We chatted for an hour or so and they invited me to their home the next day.When I arrived they seemed like nice folks and they were both wearing robes so to be ready for action.She asked me if I wanted to go ahead with our plan and I said sure.Okay off came the clothes. The man lay down on the bed playing with his **** and his wife told him okay show me honey.I was standing next to the bed stroking my **** and he began to beg to suck it.I told him that he would like the taste as it had been in his wife's *****.Please he said I need some ****.Well I don't know I said I got to **** first.**** on me please, please he said.With his wife holding my **** I pissed all over his head and face he even drank some of it.I then stuck my **** in his face and demanded he blow me.He began sucking me and fingering my *******.He gave one of the sloppiest and wettest ******** I ever had.When I felt my *** building I signalled the wife and she pulled his face away from my **** and said no more.He pleaded to finish the job but she said you aren't getting it.Roll over and give him your *******.Yes yes yes he said.She lubed up my **** stroking it nicely,she lubed up her ***** too pulling out a huge *****.Go ahead **** him now she said. I slipped my **** past the sphincter and started to **** him.She lay down next to him with her ***** shoved in her ***** pumping in and out.You ******* *** she said to him you **** sucking ****** she said.Pump his ******* full she screamed and with that I let loose my bone broth. I spent the day with them and he and I sucked each other off and I ****** him again. He reveled in his humiliation and she made love to her *****. I never saw him **** her nor did she ever do anything more than hold my **** to **** on him or **** him but it was hot.I met with them several times and it always was that way. She wanted him to be humiliated and he loved it.
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51-55, M
Sep 1, 2006