I Blew a Transvestite

I was in a ***** club one night when I was approached by a good looking woman. I half suspected she might be a he but she was hot looking and long legged and being Bi I didn't mind if she had a ****.After seeing about all the club had to offer I said I'll be going home now. She looked a little disappointed and said no party honey?Thinking now she might be a ***** I said I'm not going to pay for it. No money baby just some lovin.She said come on to my place it's right around the corner. I was a little uneasy  but went along still not knowing what I had here. We got to her place and sat down she began rubbing my **** through my pants and purring.She was kissing my neck and I reached for her. She turned slightly to keep me from her private area.I had my answer she was a he.She called me a naughty boy and said that she would do the loving. Baby I said I like **** too.Well that brought a happy smile to her face. Really lover and she began to *****.Her **** was only about 3 to 4 inches long but nice and hard. Can you *** with that thing I asked her? Yes baby and it's been so long.I usually just play the girl and suck dudes off.Well I'm going to blow you sweetie.I knelt on the floor pushed her back on the couch and went to work. I licked her shaved nuts and had her completely in my mouth. I stuck my finger in her ******* and pumped. Bobbing my head up and down and working my finger in her *** I felt her tense moaning she was ******* I pulled off and watched her ***** shoot.Oh baby she said that was soooooooo goooooooood.I sat next to her and let her come back to earth. Pulling my **** out she blew me and after I filled her mouth I went home. Never saw her again though I went to the club several times.
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Wow, fun!