Sex With An Older Guy

I am now 53 and been having Bi sex for some years last summer I met a 76 year old man where I was staying at the time.One evening as he and I were talking he brought up sex and how he hadn't had a hard on in 15 years. He had'nt been ****** in all that time. He then said he'd thought about sucking **** but didn't have the courage to try.You want to try I said? He gave me a skeptical look thinking I was joking. I suck I said pull your **** out and let me blow you.I don't know if I can *** anymore he told me.Well **** just pull it out and let's see. He got his **** out obviously nervous. It was average size but limp. I started by licking the head and underside. He couldn't seemed to believe I was doing that be he was breathing harder and his **** was growing slightly.I took it into my mouth and began a sloppy wet blow job. His hand went to the back of my head urging me on. His **** had grown some and was semi erect as I was teasing his balls and *******. I pulled off after a few minutes and was jacking his **** when he reached for mine. You got to let me suck yours he said ******* that feels good.I got my **** out he was hesitant but began stroking me.Finally he lowered his head and stuck my now hard **** in his mouth. He did'nt know how and I would tell watch your teeth more tongue action open wider and things went along well. I stopped him after a few minutes and arranged us into a 69 and went back to work on his now deflated ****. Stroking his nuts and ******* again I had him pumping his hips and sucking my ****.My nuts began to tighten and I told him I was ready to ***. Let me have it he said. I shot my wad and he coughed and choked on it but he swallowed it.I went back to finish him but he said no it was great but not anymore tonight.We had several more episodes that summer. He brought another guy with him one time and once I got a woman to join us.I'll tell you those stories anther time. 
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51-55, M
Sep 5, 2006