All Man 3some

I told you in my last story about an older guy that I had had sex with.One day he came by with a friend and asked if I would be interested in his friend.His buddy was a small man no more than 5'4"and about a hundred and twenty pounds he had a scared rabbit look about him and I knew the guy could't have been layed for years. I invited them in and rather than dance around the subject I came right out and said you came to get your **** sucked didn't you. He got even more frightened looking and looked around for a way out. My friend then said he wants to suck your **** he's too scared to try and hook up with anyone and when I told him about you he begged to meet you. Is that it I said you want to suck my ****. Oh please he said I haven't had any **** since my partner moved away.I asked my friend what about you? I'm in he said. We got naked the little man still looking scared to death. His **** was nice for a man his size and he was shaved.He was hesitant but finally got to stroking my **** and I saw my friend play with his. I spread my legs apart and lay back. The little man took me into his mouth and began sucking me. He sure knew what he was doing His mouth was soft and supple he licked as he sucked and I enjoyed the hell out of it. As i looked down my friend was blowing the little man and doing a good job as he had learned well. Sitting up I said my ******* needs some attention. The little man took my **** from his mouth and slid right down to my *** he began eating and licking with his wet slippery tongue pushing his way inside me.God did that feel good. Tongue **** I yelled and the little man slurped away.I motioned to my friend to move up and began sucking his **** it still did not get hard but it was tasty. After a few minutes of this I felt my friends balls move and I knew he would ***. Though his **** was only half hard he shot his wad. It was not a major load but I swallowed it down. I moved the little man around and stroked his **** I looked at him and said you want to **** me? I thought he might pass out he looked so scared. My *** is nice and wet slide it in. I got on my knees and he poked at me from behind and slid right in I got my friend under me to blow me. As the little man started his rhythum I knew he would not hold out long. His breathing was short  and I knew he had'nt ****** in a long time. In just a minute or so I heard him whimper and his ***** shot in my ***. I pulled my **** from my friends mouth and rolled onto my back. Okay sweetheart finish what you started. The little man was back sucking me in a flash he slurped and lapped like he was having to have my **** just to live my balls got tight I felt the pressure build I held on as long as I could. I let go with a long UUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH the little man never stopped sucking held slurped ever shot gulping down greedily.Then to my surprise he let go of me rolled me to my side and began eating his ***** from my *** all cleaned up we sat naked on the bed and for the first time the little man smiled.  
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"it still did not get hard but it was tasty" LMAO! ROFL! One of the funniest lines ever!