a Hot Couple

Having learned to enjoy sex with men as well as women my favorite scene is still a couple where everyone is involved.My wife having turned me on to man on man sex rarely would partcipate when another woman was involved.She liked watching me with another guy and being with both of us but did not want another woman to touch her.Therefore I went to meet this couple alone.I knocked on the door to their room and was invited in. We sat talking and the husband said you are Bi aren't you we have had some guys claim they were to get a shot at her.I told him absolutely would you like me to start with you and show you.He began stripping as did she and I we moved to the king size bed and I got between his legs and began sucking his ****.His wife grabbed my pole and was stroking me while intensely watching .He motioned to her and she moved up and they were kissing. We moved again and he was sucking my **** now while I stuck my tongue in her *****. We changed positions several times getting a taste of each.He put her on her knees and entered from behind. I licked her ******* and then moved underneath and began licking his **** moving in and out and her ****.As I heard his breath shorten I stroked his balls and felt his *** boiling.It was an amazing sight watching from below as he shot his ***** into her. I lapped at both of them for all I was worth.He pulled out and I took him in my mouth tasting her as well as his ***.I looked up to see *** dripping from her hole and I had a cream pie. Again tasting both.Not having *** she bent and began to suck my **** her husband then took her place and he began to blow me. Let him **** you  honey she said.She lubed her husband's ******* and my **** she took my **** and placed it to the opening of his *** and guided me in. She knelt next to us watching with a look of pure lust on her face.Take him baby take him deep. With that I began to unload my nuts in him.We both were grunting as I pulled my **** from his hole *** was still leaking out and she turned him and had him lap it up.She stuck her fingers in her husband' s ******* and pulled my *** out and fed him my *****. we had a marvelous time that night I ****** her he ****** me she even ****** me with her *****. I stayed the night with them and in the morning she had us jack off on her eggs then she ate them.As I got ready to leave she said there was one thing she had forgotten. She sat her husband down on the side of the bed had me stand unzipped my pants and proceded to suck my ****. She got me *** one more time and took my ***** and squirted in his mouth while kissing him. Now we're done she said thank you so much for *******.  
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Sep 5, 2006