the Little Man

I wrote earlier about an all amn 3some I had. I want to tell you now about that little man I described in that story and an encounter I had with him.One day the little man apparently screwed up what courage he had and came to my door. Could I come in he asked.Letting him I thought this could be fun. I learned his name was Gilbert,that he was gay but was afraid to come out.The sex we had had the week before was all he had had for a long time.He had that pleading look on his face and I knew he wanted to have a party.Thinking evil thoughts I decided to tease him.Well what can i do for you I said.He could not bring himself to ask ,so I decided to mess with him more.I began rubbing my **** but without looking at him and talking about other things.He was visibly shaking and could hardly speak.Finally I said you want to blow me don't you. Oh please yes. Get your clothes off you little ******. He ********. get on the bed and jack it for me I told him. He did as he was told still trembling. His **** was really nice and I liked it that he kept it shaved. Stroking his **** for me his eyes pleaded for me to undress and play with him.I slowly got undressed and began playing with my own ****. Gil was almost crying. I said okay Gil what do you want to do. Suck he gasped out. Not yet my friend tongue **** my ******* I demanded. Yes sir and he began to lick me he slurped and ran his tongue in my ***.I was beginning to  enjoy myself and rolled over my **** sticking up towards his face. Lick it I said do not put it in your mouth just lick up and down. I reached for his **** and began playing with it while he licked my  **** like an ice cream cone. He whimpered  alittle and I knew he wanted my **** in his mouth.I'm going to suck your **** now I said. I laid him back and moved down where he couldn't reach my **** and began slowly sucking his ****. He tasted fantastic smooth and clean just the right size about six inches long and not too thick.Up and down I bobbed my head slowly. I fondled his nut sack and licked his balls. Finally I gave in okay Gil blow me. I lay back legs open wide he took me in his mouth with a little moan.OH he was good he had a soft mouth and used plenty of spit. He held my **** at it's base and used only his mouth to work on me and did not try and jack me to get me off quick.Finger my ******* I told him and he began to poke me and suck my balls.Okay Gil get me off I said. He was throating me now sucking softly but speedily bobbing his head up and down.As my *** began to rise in my **** I held his head down and blasted my bone broth in his throat. He gagged once and choked but he ate it like a pro.His **** was still at attention and I told him jack it Gil. He began stroking hard and pumping that sweet **** with his hand when his breath grew short I put my mouth on him and took his *****.It was light and sweet a creamy texture and smooth as silk.I let him stay all afternoon and we played some more I enjoyed his ******* and made him **** me just to feel that **** in my ***. We have had two more sessions and I enjoy him being submissive to me.  
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51-55, M
Sep 5, 2006