the Glory Hole

I was on one of my long trips driving through Texas when I saw a sign advertising an adult video arcade.Pulling off the highway I made my way to the store.Having been in several places like it I wondered what the setup would be.Would people be standing around waiting for someone to enter a booth or would it be tight with security.I went down a very dark hallway and around a corner where the booths began each booth had a light to indicate if it were in use.Finding that there were 12 booths I slipped into the first unoccupied one.I stuck a dollar into the machine and flipped through the channels until I found a hot movie.On the screen a woman was sucking a man's **** while being ****** doggie style.The light from the movie got me to looking around the booth and I noticed a glory hole in the wall between my booth and the one to my left.There didn't seem to be anyone in that booth at the time so I stuck more bills in the machine and was watching the girl getting DP'D. After a few minutes I noticed a light from the booth next door and heard a movie come on in there. Not seeing anyone looking through the hole I figured they weren't interested and continued to watch my movie.I was stroking my **** wishing for some action when I saw a finger beckon from the hole.I scooted my chair over and heard what you into?Anything I said. Give me your **** he said.I stood and stuck my **** through the hole. He began sucking me,after a few minutes he stopped and said my turn.He slid his **** through and I sat on the chair and took him in my mouth.A nice 7" cut **** just a perfect fit .I was happily sucking away when I heard a second voice in his booth say now me honey.Holy **** he had a woman with him.His **** diappeared and her face appeared at the hole. She said it's my turn for some hot meat stick it in here baby.I shoved my **** back through the hole and before she began I heard her say **** me good honey while I blow this cowboy.she smacked her lips,licked,sucked,gurgled,moaned,bucked and blew the hell out of me I knew she was getting a good **** by the noises she was making.My balls became tense my **** hardened just a bit and I shot my  wad deep in her throat.She milked me dry and i pulled my ****** back into my booth.He was still banging away at her ***** and she was panting like a steam engine.I heard her love hole sloshing when he let loose with his *****.They both were panting and moaning and I heard her say well we got 6 more to go. As I left they were headed down the hall to the next booth.        
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51-55, M
Sep 6, 2006