Older Woman Younger Man

I decided to tell this story here as it involves Bi sex.My wife and I usually only meet with a guy for a 3some when we swing.Occasionally she will get another woman for me but she is very shy of getting in bed with another woman.This particular encounter was different in the fact that we were going to be with another couple.We had talked on line with this couple and were interested because of the age differnce and her wanting to introduce him to Bi sex.She was 60 but still an attractive lady and he 26 her boy toy.I had been initiated into Bi sex by my wife and thought it would be hot to break in a newcomer.We met them at a motel and sat chatting for a while I knew my wife wanted to **** this young dude and I was thinking of the nasty things I wanted to do to her.That's how we began all four of us on a king sized bed. My wife had the boytoy's **** in her hand stroking it and I had the old gal's panties off rubbing her *****. She was an aggressive old gal and pulled my **** to her face and was licking it. I watched as my wife was sucking the young man's **** and rubbing her hole.As the lady lay back I mounted her and drove my **** in.My wife was on top of the boytoy riding his ***** with pleasure.I ****** the old gal for a while and I heard my wife come from the ******* she was getting.i pulled out and the lady roled to her side and began playing with the boy's ****. My wife had gotten off him and was standing next to the bed in anticipation of he and I playing together.She is wild about watching guys get it on.I moved over next to him my **** pointed at him. He was nervous as hell but the old gal ordered him suck the man's ****.He took it in his hand and rubbed me SUCK HIM I SAID the old lady screamed.His head came down and he tasted me with her juice on my ****.He let me push my meat into his mouth and I saw my wife's hand go to her *****.The old lady was playing with his balls and I said let me.I moved and began cleaning my wife's *** from his ****.Sucking him into me I began a wet blow job I heard my wife's breathing pick up and I knew she was working her **** hard.I felt a wet sensation and knew the old lady was licking my balls and ***.I moved to my knees and then straddled his face **** slapping him The old lady moved and holding my **** shoved it into his mouth. your'e going to suck him off she said.  **** his mouth she said to me.From my position his straining **** was rubbing my *** and my wife got down and was licking my *** and his ******.The boy was trying but he would gag and cough.I got off of him and put him on his knees.YES **** HIM the old lady said. I ate his ******* and lubed him up,both women were playing with themselves watching. I pushed but he was a virgin and it took me another shot of grase to work it in. He whimpered and groaned a little but stayed still as his hole loosened up and I ****** him.My wife got under him and was sucking his ***** and the old lady stroked my *** and kissed me. My nuts began to boil I'm gonna *** I cried. the old lady moved to watch me fill his virgin *******. My wad blasted up his rectum he howled OWOWOW. I finished dropping my load and pulled from him. YIP he said.He jumped up from the bed pulling his **** from my wife's mouth.He ran into the bathroom and we heard water running. I lay between the ladies on the bed all of us chuckling.We played more that day sucking and *******. My wife went home with her ***** full of his ***** and I left another load in the old gal's mouth.But we had broken in a new member of the Bi club. 
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never tried it before.Would 60y old be so sexy?