Hook Up On the Beach

My travels took me to Florida 3 years ago.It was a town I was familiar with but much had changed since I had been there last.I was staying at a motel across from the beach and would go there when I had some time.I was walking the beach one afternoon and I noticed storm clouds building and started to look for an exit.About a hundred yards up ahead of me I saw an exit and headed for it.It lead to a small park I did not know was there. Just as I got off the beach and into a small pavillion the rain began.I sat for a few minutes and I noticed a larger building that had a restroom and a soda machine.Trotting over I went to the restroom to relieve myself and noticed 3 men loitering there.HMMM I thought maybe a little action.I got a Coke from the machine and stood under the roof there.Being curious as to what was going on in the john I went to the door and listened.The rain was making too much noise for me to hear so I tiptoed in.One guy was on the floor on his knees sucking another's **** and the third making was playing with his **** watching.I walked up and asked if he needed any help with that.  He was startled for a minute but smiled and turned so his **** pointed at me. I stroked him and he reached to fondle me.We stood jacking each other,his meat was bigger than what I'm used to so I knew I wasn't going to let him **** me.I bent down and licked his **** and he sighed with pleasure.I went and sat on a toilet and motioned him over.I sucked him into my mouth and tried to get as much of that salami as I could down my throat.It seemed to swell even larger from my attention and my jaws ached from opening so wide.I heard the other man getting blown shoot his wad and the frantic gulping sounds being made. My partner began to pump my mouth harder and I knew I was in for my snack.With a groan of pleasure he let loose.OH **** his **** just kept spurting shot after shot of hot *****. It ran down my chin and on to my shirt,I swallowed huge gulps of it but could not keep up.Finally his faucet shut off he pulled that tool from my mouth and gestured for me to change places with him.My **** was throbbing and needed to release it's load.He licked around the head fondling my nut sack as he did.I felt a hand on my *** and the guy who had sucked the first man off was there playing with me. You want to **** he said.No I shook my head I just want to get blown.Can I play with your *** he asked me? Sure I said. By now my **** was all the way my parners mouth and he was really sucking me The man behind me got on his knees again and began a wet rim job.Oh **** did that feel good.My knees began to tremble and I was shaking.Sensing my dam was about to burst my partner pulled me by my *** all the way to him. my **** was all the way down his throat and he was sucking hard.I let loose a groan and shot my bone broth into his sucking mouth.He easily slurped down every drop.I leaned against the stall wall and watched as he began to suck the other man.He stopped and they both looked at me and said we meet here most days about 2 in the afternoon drop in any time.  
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51-55, M
Sep 6, 2006