An Unexpected Pleasure

I thought I would put this story in this group as it involves Bi sex.On another of my long trips I was in New Mexico.My business was with a man who did subcontractor work for my company.A congenial fellow he and I would have a beer at the end of the day and talk.I guess with guys it's inevitable that eventually we got around to discussing sex.Without coming out and saying it outright he hinted that he and his wife swung on occasion.He also hinted that he was Bi.On my second to last night there we were in his office until after 7 and finally he said **** let's get that beer.We went to a place new to me where he claimed they had good food and cold beer.We sat in a booth and ordered beer and some appetizers.Eating and drinking he again brought up sex.I was tired from the day and relaxed from the beer and came right out and said I was Bi and had sucked a lot of *****.I also told him my wife and I had had numerous swing experiences and that I liked watching her ****.He put his hand on my leg and said let's go home.He stopped to use the john and I guess he probably called home because when we got there.there were two women in the living room. He introduced a tall brunette as his wife Lynnette and the second shorter woman as Abby.There was a definite tension in the air as we sat making small talk.My host rose and beckoned for me to follow him. We went to the back of the house and out on the deck was a hot tub.Raising his eyebrows in invitation we undressed and got in. He sat right next to me his hand on my thigh.He said the girls will be out later Abby is a little shy and wants to eat Lynn"s ***** in private.My bone twitched at that picture.With that he moved his hand to my **** giving me a questioning look.I answered by stroking his bone.We sat jacking for a while enjoying the tub. I moved up and sat on the edge,he turned dipped his head and began to suck me.We traded places after a few minutes and as I was on my knees blowing her husband Lynette walked up.My she said are you boys having fun?I noticed Abby come up behind her and wrap her arms around Lynn.I stopped what I was doing and we all got into the tub.Lynn was next to me and I could smell sex on her. My host said have you girls been naughty?Abby leaned over and kissed him and he pulled her close stroking her body. My host nodded to me and I began to play with his wife's ****.She arched her back and grabbed my ****.We fooled around for a few minutes and she whispered to me let's go to the bedroom.I really wanted to stay and have some of everyone but she also said Abby doesn't like to have people watch.We lay on her bed and I ate Lynn's ***** I rolled her over and tasted her *******.She had me stop and got between my legs and sucked my ****.I then mounted her and we had a ****.When we were spent Lynn told me you can go back out if you like.I headed back out to the tub and stopped in my tracks,on his knees was my host with Abby behind him ******* his *******.It's real she said.She pulled it out and showed me a nice 5" shaved smooth ****** and two tiny balls. It was beautiful.Lynnette came out and said we didn't know how you would feel about that so we waited till we knew all were comfortable.Come on Abby **** me my host said.She slipped that beauty back into his ***.I had to have some of that **** and I got under my host and licked him and her **** as it rode in and out.I felt Lynn's mouth on me as we all got to work.After a few minutes I heard Abby's breathing change and she let out a small squeak.She pulled out and I saw a single drop of *** on her ****.Moving slightly I went to clean my host's backdoor but there was no ***** there.Abby sat there **** still straight out.I went to her and kneeling down lick her single drop of *** from her ****. We kissed and fondled each other. I moaned and bent my head I took her tool in my mouth it was so good.I sucked her for a while then said **** me Abby. She lubed my ******* and slipped in with ease.God she felt good.The sensation of a woman ******* me with a real **** was unbelievable.My host and Lynn both began to suck my ****. As Abby ****** me my ***** began to rise. Give it to me Abby whispered to me. So I rose feeling her **** slide from me,turned and stroking myself hard shot into Abby"s waiting mouth.We all lay spent my host got up and said same time tomorrow. Good night.
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51-55, M
Sep 7, 2006