He Was Forced to Suck

I asked a question of the ladies here this morning and this story is about that situation.I was having a semi regular affair with a married woman.She bitched her husband was very vanilla in bed and only wanted sex maybe twice a month.Thogh we did'nt spend much time talking one night I told her of some of my experiences.She was turned on.She sucked my **** so much that night I could hardly touch it to pee the next day.Three days later she called me and said she had gone home and confessed her affair to her husband.She said she told him about me and the things I had done.Then there was the big surprise.I was to meet them at the town motel and **** her in front of him.She said she had to do something to get him out of the sexual rut he lived in.Saturday night I went to the motel not knowing if the guy was going to kill me or what.Met them and he shook my hand. He had a sorrowful look on his face as she kissed me and fondled my ****.In their room she said to him I brought him here to show you what I need.He eats *****,let's me suck his ****,will lick my ******* and **** me silly.******* it Herb twice a month you stick your **** in me and poke me for two minutes and roll off and go to sleep.Now I'd like for you to help him as having two ***** would be great but I'm gonna **** him with or without you.With that said she began to ***** teasing us and dancing around.Naked she lay down legs apart.Who wants some of this.I walked over to her and started playing with her *****.She unzipped my pants and took my **** in her mouth.I turned to look and her husband was staring a look of disbelief on his face.She pulled me down on top of her and whispered to me why don't you bring him over here he's to ******* much of a wimp to move by himself.I stood and dropped my clothes.I pulled himfrom the chair and walked him to the bed.Come on ******* it get with the program Herb any real man would love to have a hot wife.She pulled me back down and we were playing with each other.Herb put his hand on her *** and was rubbing the nipple.She again whispered to me oh **** help him baby the dumb bastard just doesn't know what to do.So I unbuckled his pants and slid them down,he stood like an obediant child.She pulled his shorts down and reached for his ****.It wasn't even semi hard.Holy **** I could not believe that with all the sex in the room my **** was throbbing.She screamed at him ARE YOU SOME KIND OF ****** ******* it get down here and eat my *****.Wait she said you are a ****** suck his ****.The look on his face was pure shock.No he pleaded I'll play with you,he can **** you, I'll do anything you want but don't make me suck him.   Well that made up her mind for sure.Very slowly she said each word very carefully. You are going to suck this man's ****,you are going to swallow all his ***,and then and only then will you touch me.He cried no please,no no no no I can't,I'll change I'll do anything you want,you can even bring your lovers home,but please don't make me suck ****.Again she told him,Herb you are going to kneel down on this bed between his legs and suck his **** until he shoots in your mouth and you are going to swallow every drop fo ***.I felt sorry for the guy but right then she took my **** in her mouth and began sucking and moaning ,slurping and making love to it with her mouth.  Pulling off she said that's how it's done,now you do exactly that or we are through.He tried to protest agin but she said now Herb.He got on the bed, I lay back her kissing me and purring,he stroked me for a minute and bent his head.He hesitated for a heartbeat then opening his mouth he took me in.She was telling him what to do and to get it all in his mouth.He got going and bobbed his head up and down on my shaft.He gagged a little but kept sucking away.Her hand was in her ***** as she watched her husband give a blow job.She began to encourage him and tell him how hot it looked.She came on her hand and licked her own juice up.**** Herb that's the best ****** I ever had with you she gasped.My ***** started to rise I told her I was going to pop.Keep at him you are going to get a hot meal she said to him.I let go he wanted to pull off but she held his head down on me. Drink it down,swallow it. He gagged ,coughed ,sputtered and gurgled but began to swallow.Some leaked out and ran back down my shaft.Lick it all off of him.He sat up for a minute but meekly went back down and licked up all the leftovers.She took his face and kissed him oh baby that was soooo beautiful,want to **** me?She smiled at me and rubbed my **** thank you honey she said.I dressed and left.A week later she called and told me she and Herb were having the best sex ever he was quite submissive and would do anything without protest.We made a date for another session.That will be a later story.
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Love to do something like that!!

me too.