Cowboy ****

I am currently living in Nevada in a small town.It's a nice place but very difficult to hook up with people.If I want some ***** I can just go to one of the legal brothels here and get my ashes hauled.Getting a date is another matter everyone seems to be attached.But when it comes to finding a **** to suck oh man that's a real challenge.3 weeks ago i had a problem with my car and had to take it to have it repaired.I walked out of the repair shop and across the street got myself a sandwich and took it to the park 2 blocks away.I was just finishing eating when I man walked by and said hello.We talked for a few minutes about the fires we had been having out here and I said did you hear about the one this morning just outside of town?He said is it okay if sit down I want to hear about it. He sat and I told him what I had heard on the radio that morning.I noticed as we were discussing the fire that he seemed to look at me in a way that he couldn't quite figure me out.He kept his hands in his lap but not rubbing himself.I was wondering myself. Is this dude **** hunting?I told him I would be back in a minute I needed to wash my hands as they were sticky from the sandwich. I walked to the restroom about a hundred fet away.I got in and washed up and thought If this guy wants to get it on he'll be in here in a minute.So I went and stood at the urinal my **** in my hand waiting. **** nothing.I killed a little more time looking for some sexual graffiti.  Well **** nothing there either.I headed for the door.Just as I reached for the handle he walked in.He looked away and I started out and stopped.You looking too I said?He nodded and looked relieved.I told him no public sex.Did he have a place to go?Yes.UH my cars in the shop can we go in yours.Sure.We headed across town.What are you into he asked me.I suck and will bottom if your not too big I told him.Cool he said. What about you I asked.Suck mostly but I would like to top you.Well what kind of package you got?I'm small he said,not even 6" and slim.I just smiled. We got to his place and went in.Want anything he asked.Nope I'm ready. Cool.We went to the bedroom and undressed he was small.My mouth was watering as I hadn't had a **** in months.We got into a 69 sucking each other,we fingered each others ******** and licked each others balls.**** me I said.He got up and got some lube from the bathroom.He began playing with my *** working the lube inside me.I said I haven't had a **** in my *** in a long time **** me good cowboy.He ruubed some lube on his **** and slid into my *** crack.He worked the head of his **** just inside,pushing lightly he slid in. I guess your ******* remembers what to do it let him in easily.God it felt good. He stroked in and out slowly at first building up speed as he went.  He was jacking me as he ****** me making little uh uh uh sounds.His **** tensed and I knew his ***** was on the way.He pulled my *** cheeks wider and pushed as deep as he could with a moan his **** erupted.I felt it pulsing deep inside me.Wave after wave of hot pulsing ***** filled my bowels. He sagged on top of me his **** still twitching.Slowly he slid out and with a plop he was free.AAAHHH man that was so good he said.Can i finish you he said.I held my ***** up to him. He went down and sucked it.Making little humming noises he worked on me.In a couple of minutes I was ready I tapped him on the shoulder to let him know I was coming,he rubbed my leg to let me know he wanted me to shoot in his mouth. I let go he stayed right on me and ate it like a pro.Making almost no sounds he drank me dry.He sat up we both smiled at each other.UH I got to be getting back to the fair grounds he said,I'm in the rodeo and go on about 2.He dropped me at the repair shop and was gone but I'd had my first cowboy ****.
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51-55, M
Sep 8, 2006