I Was a Stranger

Being a traveling man and going to different areas of the country I find myself a stranger and having to learn about the places I'm in.I was in Wyoming to see people about a job my company had coming up.We met at a local motel and ate dinner and arranged to meet the next morning and ride out to the job site.With an evening to kill I decided to walk over to an adult store and arcade a block away.Hoping for some action I went in and looked around.I found you had to buy a card to use the video rooms.I bought $10 worth and went back to the rooms.Holy **** the rooms were huge.A nice big couch to sit on and large screen TV's.You could hold an **** in there.I tried going from room to room looking to see someone in the hall.Nothing.After wandering around back there and using up my 10 bucks I went back out into the store.There were several people shopping even two couples.I thought what's the game here.No one in the back all shoppers. A guy was looking at some mags and I browsed them myself.He moved a little closer to me and said the way it works is you make your pick-up out here then get a room.I had learned how to play the game and was not a stranger anymore.
traveler traveler
51-55, M
Sep 11, 2006