a Sunday Afternoon

I was in Denver working a job and living in a motel again.My brother and his family live in the area and it was not as hard living there as were some of the places I had been.Along with an occasional home cooked meal I got to see my nieces and was pretty happy with the situation.My company sent a new guy out to the job to replace a man who had decided he just could'nt stay away from home any more.The new man moved into the same motel as me and we would ride back and forth to work together.We were friendly but I am the boss so there were things the he kept from discussing.He'd been on the crew about 6 weeks when he came to my door one Sunday morning.Boss I've got to talk to you he said.He told me he was ready to quit the place was driving him nuts.He then spilled his secret.He was gay and with all the hours we worked he didn't have time to get away and find any ****.I said well you could be out right now **** hunting instead of sitting here.**** I'm not from around here I don't know where to look.I must have been rubbing my **** with out knowing it and he gave me a knowing smile.He arched is eyebrows and said you boss.Yeah I'm Bi.  What you into I asked him?I'm just **** starved boss you lead.I dropped my shorts and showed him my bone he reached for it loosening his pants.He dropped to his knees and began sucking me.I pulled him up dropping his pants and moved to the bed.His **** was nice not too big around and about 6" long.We got into a 69 licking and sucking each other,I fingered his ******* and tasted his nuts.I rolled to my side and told him to get some lube from the bathroom.He came back with it and I said **** me.He lubed my *** and his **** he mounted me and slid in easily.Oh it was a perfect fit his **** in there was just right. Come on ride me I said he pumped sliding his length fully in and out each stroke.He reached down to jack me as he ****** me.I'm gonna *** boss i'm gonna *** he panted.With that he let loose a terrific blast of *****.It filled my *** and ran out on to my balls.He used it to lube my **** and kept jacking me with his **** still buried in my *******.I shot my wad on to the bed.Your'e going to have to lay in the wet spot I told him.Yessir boss anything for some more ****. We played most of the day sucking and ******* each other.He stayed till we finished the job and even found a another guy to play with.
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51-55, M
Sep 11, 2006