Black ****

I have a thing for black women but had never tasted a black ****.Now I had written before that while I am Bi I am not attracted to men only dicks.I was in a bar in Reno that had a reputation for being a gay joint.Thinking I might find some **** I had gone to check the place out.**** I had never seen anything like this place.Guys with their dicks hanging out,jacking each other and even having a who has the biggest contest.I was sitting at the bar watching all this when a black guy sat down next to me and said hello.Hi,man I never saw anything like this before I told him.He laughed and said you ought to see the john or what goes on late at night.We talked some and he put his hand on my leg.I looked at him and said you guys might be cool with getting it on here but me I'm not into public sex.Want to go to my place? Nah how about my hotel. Okay.He came with me and we went to my room.Going in he tried to kiss me.I told him I'm not into that either.I like sucking **** but that's it.I'm cool he said. We got naked and into bed,I was stroking his bone and he mine.I moved down to suck him.I tasted my first black one.It was smooth and it seemed harder than most white ones.I don't want to be racist or cast sterotypes but it was different. The texture and size of the **** head seemed different than any I've had before.He was sucking me now and the way he blew me felt new and different too.It was very exciting.My **** shot quickly as the newness of the situation had me excited.While I was still ******* in his mouth without warning his **** began spurting in mine.It caught me by surprise and I gagged and some of his man juice ran down his shaft.I licked him clean savoring the taste.He had swallowed my **** and we lay spent. after a few minutes he got up and we shook hands,he left saying thanks for a good time.I had had my first black ****.   
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1 Response Sep 13, 2006

You shook hands!?! LMAO. You don't like men - only ***** and you didn't kiss before sucking eachother off! I had no idea sex could be as task-focused as that. However, while we are on the topic, I once kissed a black guy at a party and I can tell you that there was a considerable difference. Very soft and enveloping with a different taste. None of that feeling that you are near to the teeth. It was nice actually - so now you know what you missed. (And I guess I know what I missed out on now, thanks to your post, ha ha ha)