More of the Little Man

I told you earlier about an experience I had with Gilbert.This is another encounter.Gilbert came to my door one day with his pleading eyes.I knew of course what he wanted and being horny myself was all for it.However Gil is such a scared little rabbit of a man I just had to mess with him.I told him Gil you aren't getting any until you dress like the ***** you are.He just stared at me with those pleading eyes begging me.Now here's what you're going to do Gilbert,you are going to leave and not come back here until you are completely dressed as a woman.Please he gasped out I can't.Well it's your choice I told him,it's either that or no **** for you.I'll do anything he said anything,but please no.Out you go Gil see you later.He left shaking and weeping.I figured it would take him a while so I got some lunch and sat watching the ball game.2 and a half hours later there was a knock at the door.There stood Gilbert.Not bad Gil you look like a real *****.He came in nervous as hell.My **** was ready for some action and I pulled it out.He hungrily licked his lipsticked lips.I lay down and he was right there.Okay Gil you earned it I said but take plenty of time.He worked on me slowly licking my ***** and sucking lightly.He played with my nuts and fingered my *******.After 10 minutes or so I told him go ahead get me off.He slurped and sucked swirling his tongue around my ****.My balls began to boil,holding his head I let my *** loose.He held it in his mouth and swallowed it all in one huge gulp.Very nice Gil,you got something for me?I ran my hands under his dress and stroked his **** through his panties.I began jacking him as he moaned.I pushed my finger into his man ***** and jacked him faster.Taking him into my mouth I sucked quickly knowing he would shoot soon.Pulling off I watched as his ***** erupted.Catching as much as I could I fed him his *****.You were hot today Gil I said,you make a good woman.Hell I told him you could work as a *****.The look of horror on his face was a hoot.I'll tell you another story again soon about my friend Gilbert.    
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51-55, M
Sep 19, 2006