Another Town Another ****

I was in Arizona.This trip I was in a large town so there was more to do and things were'nt so boring.I was staying at a large hotel and after work in the evening I would go to the hotel bar for happy hour.One night a guy sat down next to me and struck up a conversation.He asked about my work and the usual bar talk.I was really tired that night having put in a long day and just mumbled at the guy.I got up to leave and he wished me a good night.I forgot all about the guy until Friday I was in to watch the band and have a night out.I was hoping to score some ***** when he saw me and came over.  Now I'm not an unfriendly person but I do get put off when people I don't really know act like they are my best friend.I tried to gently let the man know I could do without his company.Unfazed he continued to sit there and chat away.Finally I said well I guess I'll head out no ***** tonight.He stopped me dead by saying there are other ways you know.I gave him a look and he nodded.We went to his room.He immediately went for my **** and began sucking it.Rolling him on to his side I reached for his.He stopped.I'm sorry he said I've only got 3",that's why I became a **** sucker I could'nt **** a woman with that.I went right to it,it was great having it all in my mouth and having room for more.It gave me a real feeling of being in control.As we got into a 69 I fingered his ******* and his little ****** was stiff as iron.My balls began to tighten from his attention and I felt his ***** rise.He shot first,I was surprised at how much and I had a hard time getting it all. When his **** quit spunking my bone broth squirted out.My **** was all the way down his throat but he swallowed my *** with ease. Thank you he said.Thank you I replied I guess we both needed that.Man I sure did he said I'm going back home tomorrow and had'nt sucked a **** in a month.Well safe trip and I was gone.             
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51-55, M
Sep 20, 2006