Long Term ****

I am in a number of groups here all involved with sex.My wife and I have swung with a number of different partners and I have had numerous experiences on my own.I also enjoy watching others have sex and while I don't consider myself an exhibitionist I don't mind others watching me.I chose to put this story here because it mainly involves another man and me.I went to a gay bar in Florida,there I met a guy much like myself,married but enjoyed a hot **** too.As we talked I asked if his wife was into 3somes.He said not really but she did enjoy watching him suck.We went to his place.He introduced me to his wife and we went to the bedroom.She left the room and he and I were playing.I was sucking his **** and I heard her return.She kissed her husband and said that's nice honey.We moved and he was sucking me.She simply stood there,not playing with her ***** or touching either of us.By the way he was working on me I knew I wouldn't hold out long.I blasted my *** in his mouth and he gobbled it.He said let's watch the game for a while you can finish me later.We all sat in the living room watching the game,he and I naked.She did not seem to notice and moved around the house doing little chores.My **** began to grow again and I leaned over and took his **** in my mouth.I was jacking my **** and sucking his when I heard her come in.Again she stood watching,no touching or any involvement on her part just standing there.His nuts tightened up and he began filling my mouth with his ***.I swallowed and licked his ****** clean.She walked out of the room without a word.I left shortly afterword and we exchanged numbers.Once or twice a week he would invite me over and the scene would be repeated.Never did I see his wife rub her **** or touch either of us,other than to tell her husband it was nice.He and I met for several months till it was time for me to move to the next job. 
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51-55, M
Sep 20, 2006