An Mmf 3some

I told you about a couple I knew in my story  He Was Forced To Suck.I met with that couple again and had some more fun.The woman had called and said she wanted to see me and she was brining Herb.I met them at a motel on Saturday night.She kissed me and Herb sat and just nodded,he apparently knew what he was in for.She told me how he had been a good boy and did as he was told,eating ***** and ******* her every day.Now she said she was going to have me teach him some new things.We were all naked in bed and she and I were in a 69 with Herb watching.She rolled over and got some lube from the nightstand.I want you to **** Herb's *** she told me.She worked the lube into his *** while jacking me with lube on her other hand.Taking my bone she positioned it at his backdoor.I worked it in and pushed home.Herb cried a little and said it hurts.Shut Herb and **** like a man.She fondled my balls and played with my *** while I ****** her husband.I reached under Herb and jacked his **** for him and she moved under to suck him.Still playing with my nuts she pulled off Herb and said he's gonna fill your *******.She got in front of him and demanded he eat her *****.He began to lap at her hole and my balls tightened up.I'm coming I said.Shoot his ******* full baby.My **** boiled out.Herb grunted and I continued ******* him till my nuts were dry.As my **** slipped from him she kept his head clamped between her legs. I went to wash my **** and when I came back she was climbing on top of him and sliding down on to his bone.She and I kissed as she rode his ******,I sucked her **** and heard her breath catch as she came.I got down and licked his **** and her ****,tasting her juices.She was really pumping, riding hard ,I stuck my finger in Herb's *** and his ***** filled her hole.They collapsed and lay panting.Later when I was ready again she sucked my **** and told Herb to watch,I then mounted her and was banging away when she insisted he lick my *******.Herb just did as he was told and I enjoyed her in every way.It was late and as I was leaving she said call me honey we'll get together again.
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Wow, love to meet them if you can't make it!!