As Early As Gr.4

i knew something was different about me as early as grade 4,i knew it but didnt know the word(term),i just started having 'issues' it DEFFINITY started with my 4th grade teacher,i had somewhat of a crush on her,she had milky white skin and dark long silky hair,she was beautifull, my feelings felt really odd to me being as i was so young...anyways at recess we always walked around the schoolyard and talked and stuff,i swear to god now looking back she even helf my hand,ya know in a motherly way or course,at the end of grade 4,i found out she was leaving to teach at another school,i cried my eyes out when i found that out, then when i got into elementary,i strted getting crushed on all sorta of teachers..male and female,it made problems,i was bullied alot cuz of it,all the teachers wanted to do was shipp me off to another school..then in grade 8,i got a dare from a girl too kiss her,i didnt have the guts..then when i dropped out of school at 15,i had my first expereince with a girl well actually she was 27! it was ok...but i found out after,that she took drugs and that was probably the only reason she kissed me,anyways ive never had a relationship with a woman before,ive mostly been with men all my life,but looking back at it all,it makes perfect sense for me to be bisexual (beable to be attracted to both genders)
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yes yuor right it makes sense too, i have figured that out alongg time ago..sexual energy and love knows no gender(:

If you really feel this way, i believe that you have the best of both worlds. Besides, sexual energy knows no gender. There is nothing wrong or bizare in finding love with your own gender...Rejoice, and enjoy, Electro!!!