Really Bi Or Bi By Lack Of Oppurtunity

I often wonder if I am bi due to lack of female opportunities or by inclination. When I have a steady access to female partners I seldom have sex with men. BUT, if the relationship is slow or no relationship at all, I am more inclined to seek out men for sex. When with men, I love sucking and the physical closeness of men but cannot get to any kissing of men. Just can't do that as I can only relate to very smooth female flesh etc. in that respect. Something about **** really gets me hot. Love to fondle ****, suck it have it cream on me BUT kissing and ******* just doesn't do it for me.

seigar seigar
61-65, M
2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

There is just something about the rougher skin of a man (especially beard) that turns me off big time. Guess I am too programmed to softness when kissing. Wonder if it is same or different with women kissing woman asSilverWolfEyes suggests?

That's the trouble with labeling ourselves. I'm usually not at all interested in kissing men either ... but passion is passion.