I'm bi and I have known this since I was 18 (I'm currently 22).  I haven't really had much of an opportunity to explore this side of me.  I have had three boyfriends but never any girlfriends.  My first boyfriend didn't realize he was bi until after we were no longer together.  My second boyfriend knew he was bi and we actually had another guy join us once and he got the opportunity to explore to a certain point.  My current boyfriend is straight but he supports me being bi.  The farthest I have gone with a girl is second base (full on make-out fully dressed).  I really want to do more with a girl just because I want to know what it's like I'm very curious.  My boyfriend doesn't want me to explore because he thinks it's cheating but just feel like it's something I need to experience so I can satisfy my curiosity.  I am completely out of the closet about the fact that I'm bi.  The only people that don't know are my boyfriends parents.  His father comes from a very traditional Italian Catholic family and he kows his father won't approve.  He thinks his father might try and get him to stop seeing me but we are very much in love.  We have been together for almost 19 months and I just hate keeping it hidden when I'm around them because I can otherwise be open about it.

Sorry about ranting sometimes when I get started it's not that easy to shut me up.

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the internet: where fantasies become realities am I right?<br />
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You don't have to cheat on him. At least, what he doesn't know won't hurt him right?<br />
Normally I wouldn't say this if you were planning on cheating on him with another guy. But cheating with another gal just doesn't strike me as wrong. I dunno, it's just not as dirty I guess.

Sounds like fun.

Hey I think that you should explore this feelings that you have when I came out I had to try it and I knew after I was done I was definantly bi you and I can explore together if your up for it just leave your man at home ok

I've suggested it and I think he might be open to the idea but we have no way of finding someone for that.

Maybe you could get a girl to have a ********* with you?