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Hi everyone. I am a 53-year-old bisexual guy living in Bristol in the UK. I am single, but recently got engaged to a lovely bi lady living in Cornwall.

My first bi experiences occurred when I was a teenager. At first the intense excitement outwieghed any self-doubt. Touching a friend when we were camping in his parent's garden; stroking and giving oral to a friend on the way home from the pub when we were barely 18; being seduced by a much older man... Only, then I started to get scared and confused. I knew I liked girls, too. I'd never heard of the term 'bisexual'.

My second-ever girlfriend tried to make me jealous by telling me, in lurid detail, about having sex with her landlord. Trouble was, the visions she conjured up of his **** and what he'd been doing with it only served to turn me on! That was even more confusing. When I was 19 I started having an affair with my first girlfriend's mother; she taught me a lot, including the concept of bisexuality. She almost convinced me it was OK. Almost.

My first wife was very bisexual and very unfaithful. But the thought of her having sex with other men just turned me on more and more. The thought that some other bloke had been in her hands, in her mouth or in her ***** was incredibly erotic. Some time after she left (for another woman) I got quite obsessed with wanting to try sex with a guy - oral sex in particular. But I was very scared of taking that great step.

Eventually one drunken night I confessed my obsession to my best mate. Who said "Well, you can try it with me if you like." So I did. And so did he! I absolutely loved it! He thought it was OK - and he's never refused a BJ since. (Incidentally, he is the cousin of the first girl-friend - yes, the nephew of the first girlfriend's mother! So I've had sex with three members of the same family!)

Since then I've enjoyed bi sex on an occasional basis - enough to know I can't do without for too long. It's like I need both, and some time ago I vowed never to enter into another relationship without being open and up-front about my bisexuality. My fiancee thoroughly approves and is very keen to see me with another guy - which is cool because I love ********** with a man and a woman best of all - and I'm very keen to see her with another man, too! I am a TV (which my girlfriend also thoroughly approves of) and especially enjoy bi sex while cross-dressed and with other TV's.

I'm pretty much cool with who I am. It's taken me nearly 30 years to get there, and I envy younger guys who've grown up in a society which is far more open about alternative sexualities. I wish i'd been more confident when i was younger and prettier!

56-60, T
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fantastic, glad your happy.