Raped ?

When I was 14 years old I was introduced to a very well know entertainer, (well known in our area anyway...later nation wide.)   A few days later he showed up at my work , I was an usher in a local cinema. He invited me to come to his office- studio and look at some **** movies. I didn't even know what that was (it was the middle 50's). I went with him and one thing led to another and he asked me to show him my rod. he handled it then he took his out and asked me to touch it, of course I did enjoying the feeling very much.  Dropping to his knees he took me into his mouth... In fifteen minutes we were doing a 69 on his thickly padded floor.  So he technically rapped me..I think.   The thing was I loved every minute of it, giving and receiving.  I met him a few more times and it only got better. I took him up my butt and to this day enjoy dark hole play.  I still remember the taste of him and the smell of his manhood as well as the velvety texture of his c*ck. 

 The thing was I liked women better so I forgot about it until my mid-thirties and then a similar situation when I turned fifty. In both cases I was very sexually excited and a man was available in each case and I sucked both of them.  Again it was very satisfying...very.  Still I don't go looking for men, but if the situation was there I'm certain I would go for it.   I guess that makes me bi. or does it?  I don't feel equally attracted toward each sex, I much prefer females.  I guess you can be bi, by degree....or is that just semantics??????

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Thanks for taking the time to answer SAGENTH.......<br />
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But with respect I have to disagree with you. Any adult that has sex with a child is guilty of 'rape'., legally and in our western society morally. They do not have to say 'NO'....they are considered powerless. Is the man that has sex with his eight year old daughter guilty of rape? Of course he is. She wouldn't say no he is her dad..she would think it was her duty to do what ever her dad wanted.. I assume you would agree with me (anywhere in the world it would rape). So when an adult playing off his own celebrity and my naivety talks me into sex....was he guilty. I never said yes ...I just never said no. Still in that case I think you are more right than wrong. Remember I was fourteen not eight. I not only didn't say no but I enjoyed it and I'm sure I must have shown my pleasure by my reactions.

Thanks Dark child......for me in the second two cases * it really wasn't some one I was attracted to. In one case it was just a man that approached me in a motel bar. I had nothing in common with him and never saw him again. In the second situation it was a man that came to my house from an add in a magazine expecting a ********* I had arranged (I was single)...at the last minute the female had to cancel (she came a few days later and the three of us had a great time).....me and the other man finding our selves alone and very horny went to bed together...it was very good. In both of these cases I was not interested in foreplay or kissing just my co*k in their mouths and theirs in mine. I really like the feel of oral and the smell, texture and feel of a dic* .<br />
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* In my first experience I was thrilled that such a popular / tall dark and handsome, man found me interesting. So I was only attracted to or impressed by his celebrity...until I tasted his co*k. The girls were always talking about him and he could have had any of them, but he liked boys.<br />
P.S. liked the >>>> hetero-flexible

I am going to give you a quote that I got from an Indy movie about being gay and bi. A girl looks at her gay best friend and her straight boyfriend and says offhandedly, "I'm not Bi. I'm hetero-flexible. I'm straight but Sh*t happens". I think that it is ridiculous for people to limit themselves on both their identity and their sexual fulfillment by labeling themselves, or by limiting themselves to one sex. I'm not saying for everyone to go out and fins a same-sex lover. But if you find yourself with another person and you both feel that intense attraction for each other, I don't see why you should deny each other the fulfillment and excitement of an experience just because you're the same gender. We are all human, living the same life and facing the same dilemas and feeling the same feelings. I don't think it matters much whether or not your x's and y's match.

I would think you're bisexual, buddy :)

HOT MAN....thanks for the response.. Isn't it strange how woman can be bi and not try to hide it particularly but men will be sob ashamed of it.<br />
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RUSTY,...I guess normal is the best way to describe it. I have read that most men (over fifty percent) have had a 'gay' experience. You sure won't find that many that will admit it. Would ladies tell me if your man cheated on you with a man once or a female once which would be the hardest to accept?

He would be an old man now and retired (maybe dead). Of course I would never reveal his name.

We're all varying degrees of people. I often quote from the movie The Wizard of Oz. The scarecrow said: some people go that way (pointing to one road)...and some people like to go that way (pointing to the other road)...and some people like to go both ways. You sound similar to me... when the opportunity and circumstances align where a male/male encounter occurs, you enjoy it. But if not, then you don't go out of your way to find one. It sounds pretty "normal" to me.

Who was the entertainer?