What Is Bisexuality?

I am not sure of how different people define bisexuality.  We have been married 27 years and we consider ourselves normal people... fairly sexual, normal physiques, and friendly.  I have always been very interested in having sex with another man.  My wife has known for years and much of our oral fantasies during sex have involved bisexuality with another couple.   My wife seems less bisexual but I am really not sure.  Both of us agrees that it's all about the circumstances at the time.  If circumstances are right many things could become ok to try????  

I don't have feelings of deep affection for men.  However, I do have a strong physical desire to experience sex with some men.  I would not be interested in submission and pain.  I would be interested in giving and receiving anul and oral with mutual gentleness.


cluelessandok cluelessandok
61-65, M
1 Response Feb 22, 2010

Yes, I don't really like men - I just want to suck 'em and be ******.