Same 'ol, Same 'ol

I've never hid my sexuality because I don't give a rat's *** what people think about me. And because of that, people have mostly left me alone about it. Oh, they think it's hawt! Bi girls are hot, but gay guys are a disease or something. I got my *** in a sling trying to help someone out and now suddenly I'm a deviant and they're all gonna try to kick my ***. Ha! I dare 'em! I may get my *** kicked, but I'll make sure they get what's coming to them.

It's just so ridiculous! Like none of these greenies haven't ever experimented. Hey, we've all been to those infamous slumber parties, am I right? Practically everyone in this town is a frickin' closet case, and yet they act like they're so much better than the rest of we sexually depraved. Well, I say bite my *** and bring it on!
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1 Response Feb 26, 2010

-high five- i completely agree with you. The only person i wont tell is my gram it'd give her a heart attack.