About 35% Gay, And Stunted

and i wish i could be more specific.  the problem is that my mom came out as a lesbian when i was 18, just as i was realizing that i was bi.  so i got to preview the familial reactions to a "different" sexuality, and well, lets just say it was less than inspirational. 

i never told anyone actually.  i couldnt.  a few months later i found myself steeped in a long term relationship with a fellow who gradually became "righteous" in the awful, judging/belittling sense, which completely negged me from realizing my sexuality. 

now, years later, i have found myself sexually attracted to close female friends of mine, but absolutely terrifyied of acting on anything and losing the friendships. 

i am someone who has rarely been motivated to make a move on  someone unless i found them intellectually attractive.  and since when i find someone attractive in that matter i want to be theyre friend, im stumped as to how to make that distinction, how to draw that line, or if i need to draw that line between friend and lover. 

it seems that lovers/friends situations always end in ruin, and i wouldnt want to risk my friendships for mere physical pleasure...

nevertheless, i have these overwhelming sexual fantasies with women. 


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4 Responses Feb 28, 2010

I feel so much the same like you! I am terriefied to share what I know I am, but worried about losing friends that I do have for a merely sexual experience. <br />
Best of luck as you try to figure this one out!

Simply if u find some of your female friends attractive then you should ask them if they believe in the whole lesbian thing and if they do just them how u feel them and try to build a relationship with them.

there are many questions to life that need to be answered.the only way to answer them is to find out and try it out. my theroy on whats right or wrong is to hell with society. who died and made them god.there is no right or wrong standard. all people are diferent so there is no right or wrong. you have one life to live so the goal is to make you happy , not a group of strangers, so be happy.

Complicated but go with what your heart says. You can probably related more to women anyway. <br />
Unless your planing to have a family or dead set about being a M./F couple then I would go to where you are happiest. This is your life. Life is too short for unhappiness