I Can Only Identify With Myself...

When I look back at my childhood I realize that I have always had crushs on both males and females. It was not until a couple of years ago at about age 30 that I really started doing some soul searching and realized that I am Bisexual. I could never really understand why other females felt uncomfortable around me and why  males always saw me as "one of the guys".  When I started discovering my true sexuality, I would go back and forth between feeling like I was Homosexual and felling like I was Bi. i realized that I am attracted to men just as much as woman. When I think about love...I do not see gender. I have 2 bi racial children and I do not see them as the color of their skin. I see them as people. When I find someone attactive and want to get to know them better i do not see them as male or female. I see them as people.

It bothers me that I never realy feel like I fit in. I do not know any other Bi females (or males) so it is hard to know if what i feel or think or how I act is "normal". I hope here I can find people who understand what I feel at times. The feelings of being stuck in the middle..between two worlds. My experiences have taught me that I am not lesbian enough to have a female life partner and I am to tomboyish and independant to have a male life partner. of course those are just experiences and I understand that it does not have to be future reality.

Thats my story...and I am stickin' to it.

purplethistle purplethistle
31-35, F
1 Response Mar 1, 2010

I understnd hw u fil tho m nt bisxl, jus hang in there 1 day u'l find were u reali fit nyc n comfy tho it myt take some tym. Gudluck