You Can't Have It All

I have always been attracted to both sexes, but usally went for men because it was more accepted. My first experience with a girl was in high school who was just playing with me. It broke my heart when she didn't want me. I played around with girls in college but nothing serious....until her. I met the most beautiful, caring, exciting woman last year but I was married. I gave up several years of contentment with a man in the hopes for something more fulfilling. Now I am divorced, dealing with an angry, spiteful man that I never intented on hurting and still have love for, but I also have HER. She makes everyday worth living. My advise to anyone who feels they are bisexual...follow your heart. It is what connects are soul to reality. I am happy that i have a voice to tell my story, because for so long I had to hide who I was.

Blasphemininity48 Blasphemininity48
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2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

ugh well wat if ur mom doesnt let u see girls thn treats u so in love wit a girl rite nw but shes nt lttin us be together

Thanks for the advice. I am lacking in the courage I need to find my happiness. And I understand entirely the whole "not wanting/intending" to hurt someone. I have done that so many times and it is hard for others to understand unless they have been there.