How Do I Tell My Wife?

OK, how do you tell your wife of 23 years that I crave a **** in my mouth and ***...

Yes I have cheated on her with men (but never cheated with a woman), love her dearly but every once in awhile I just need to be a mans *****.. and take it like a woman..

How did you as a man tell your wife?

How as a wife would you like your man to tell you? or would you want him to keep it a secret that he sucks **** better than you?

any advise is apprecaited!


russeluk russeluk
51-55, M
4 Responses Mar 4, 2010

what you dont know will not hurt you, you will never know how she is going to feel about that, it just might hurt her so much, it may even ruin her life even if she tried to be understanding, just keep quite man , thats what i would do

I agree with the comment above. Full discloser is something society teaches us is "right" when we have transgressed against someone we care about. The truth is admitting your transgressions is only useful in the manner of removing the weight of deception from your own shoulders. It usually only hurts the other person. Of course this is simply my own opinion, so take it as you will. And do be safe.

thanks JD but no worries I ALWAYS play safe for sure --no exceptions!

You do NOT need to tell her anything about this. And you need to play safe every time if you're gonna continue to play outside the marriage, 'cause two people's lives are riding on your sexual behavior.<br />
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cheers!<br />
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